If Game Of Thrones Was An Anime

Carolina Oliveira is a freelance illustrator and concept artist working in the video game business. But tonight, we’re focusing on something outside of games: a two-year project to turn Game of Thrones into an anime.

Since 2017, Carolina has been turning key lines/moments from the series into stills from an anime, with a style that’s inspired by stuff like Berserk and Savin Yetman-Eiffel’s Two Queens.

You can see more of Carolina’s work at her ArtStation page and Instagram.


    Can't place the 4 image. Who is in that? Guy and two gals.

      My guess is Aegon the Conqueror with Visenya and Rhaenys

      I think it's depicting Aegon the conqueror the first king of Westeros and his 2 sisters/wives Visenya and Rhaenys. They were never portrayed on the show but it looks like the design of Aegon I from the dvd special features.

    Well the "twincest" in the first episode would be much less surprising at least.

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