It Takes A Lot Of Work (And Mistakes) To Pull Off An Impressive GTA Stunt

It Takes A Lot Of Work (And Mistakes) To Pull Off An Impressive GTA Stunt

If you’ve visited Kotaku over the last few years, you might have seen videos of skilled Grand Theft Auto Online players pulling off impressive stunts.

Sometimes they use bikes, sometimes cars, sometimes multiple vehicles are involved. These videos are always entertaining to watch. But have you ever wondered how many attempts it takes to successfully complete these stunts?

Well, a new video uploaded by GTA stunter Plex shows how much work goes into making a stunt and the process is almost more entertaining than the actual stunt.

Plex posted his video on the GTA Online subreddit and it quickly earned over 4k upvotes. The video showcased many of the attempts, mistakes, and failures that occur when trying to create a single stunt in Grand Theft Auto Online.

As Plex explained to me, some of the most impressive and complex stunts can take upwards of 20 hours to actually pull off. The stunt that was shown off in the bloopers video ending up taking Plex and his friend over 18 hours to finally complete. Plex creates stunts for the popular YouTube channel Evolve Stunting. GTA Online stunt creators and videos are a huge subcommunity within the game and on YouTube.

Plex has been doing stunts in GTA Online since the game came out back in 2013. “I’ve put over 5,500 hours in, primarily on the BMX,” said Plex. Even with that much experience and skill, nailing a particular hard stunt takes time and a little bit of luck.

That’s because nothing can stop a random lag spike or physics bug from wrecking a perfect attempt. But at least the blooper reel is fun to watch.


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