I'm Looking Forward To My Drunk Friends Rewriting The English Language With The Next Jackbox Game

jackbox party pack 6 dictionarium

If you have a group of friends who enjoy being terrible people while drunk, then the Jackbox games are probably up your alley. And the latest one, Dictionarium, is perfect for drunk people who want to bastardise the English language.

Dictionarium is all about words. In the first round, everyone will be given a word and it's up to everyone to make up a new meaning. The definition that gets the most votes wins, and is then carried into the second round where you have to create a synonym, and also use the word in a sentence.

It's the kind of game that's probably a solid warmup — something you play before everyone hits that drunk point where Quiplash or Tee K.O gets real dark. Jackbox Games announced Dictionarium, which is part of the Jackbox Party Pack 6.

Dictionarium is the second games announced for the next Jackbox pack so far, with the first being a sequel to Trivia Murder Party. Trivia Murder Party 2 will have more mini-games, although no gameplay has been shown off just yet.

The sixth Jackbox pack will be released for PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Switch this spring.


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