Konami Says Sony Made The Last Minute Decision To Change PS Plus Game

Konami Says Sony Made The Last Minute Decision To Change PS Plus Game

Last week, Sony announced two new PlayStation Plus free games for PS4. The titles were Horizon Chase Turbo and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. However, a few days later on July 3, Sony announced that PES 2019 was being pulled and replaced with Detroit: Become Human.

Konami, the publisher behind PES 2019, now says this last minute swap was a Sony decision.

Konami gave a short, but clear statement to Gamespot this week which blamed Sony for PES 2019 being removed.

This decision was made by Sony and so please make an inquiry to Sony.

Gamespot is also reporting that a brand manager for PES also told the outlet that he had no idea that the change was going to happen. “I cannot really tell you what happened because I just found out today, in the morning when I opened my laptop. I can’t really explain.”

Sony itself hasn’t given a detailed or specific reason for pulling PES 2019 from the lineup. In statements sent to both Eurogamer and Gamespot, the company apologised for causing any “inconvenience” but didn’t actually explain why they removed the game at the last minute.

PlayStation Plus Swaps Out Pro Evo 2019 For Detroit: Become Human

The PS Plus games for July had already been revealed, but in a surprise twist, Sony has swapped out one of the games at the last minute.

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The exact details about the PlayStation Plus free games program are not public knowledge, and only small pieces of information and rumours are available. So it is hard to even guess what financial or other business reasons could be behind the change.

As of today, the current PS Plus lineup for July is Detroit: Become Human and Horizon Chase Turbo. For now.


  • Sony assisting their pal Kojima with sticking a middle finger to Konami by getting their hopes up that their microtransactions will get a solid milking, only to pull the plug last minute.

    • Ah really? I was interested in grabbing this but didn’t realise it was just another MTX sports game.

      I’m honestly done with sports games now. Mad, as I was a loyal customer for basketball games for so many years. But what they’ve done to them now is just disgusting.

      • No, it’s just the myClub mode (basically the PES equivalent of FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode) that is a microtransaction-fest. And if you want that, there’s a free version of PES (PES Lite I think it’s called) which is basically just the myClub mode. Microtransactions become much less objectionable in my book if they’re in a free to play game like that.

        The best part of PES is the single player Master League mode, which has no microtransactions.

  • Eurogamer did imply that it might be something to do with the promotional agreement that Sony have got going with FIFA. Only suggestion I’ve seen that even vaguely makes sense when trying to explain this fiasco.

    • If that were the case, it wouldn’t have even gotten to announcement stage.

      The flip is purely to do with feedback about a niche sports game being the game, which normally would sneak in if it weren’t that now there is only 2 games a month on the list.

      • It absolutely would have got to the announcement stage, because EA wouldn’t have known about it until then, at which point there may well have been a few phone calls being made to express their objections.

        People piss and moan about the games every month, including when they’ve been much worse than PES which is actually a great game, but they’ve never changed them before. Why would they suddenly start caring about that this month? And bear in mind that the other game this month is the PS4 port of a basic arcade racing game that originally came out for mobile – they could have swapped that for Detroit if they wanted to make people happy with the month’s selection of games.

    • I wouldn’t call it a fiasco, the reaction has been quite positive for the most part.
      (I do feel for the folks who did want to play PES though)

      • I’m one of the disappointed ones.

        But irrespective of that, for them to announce PES and then pull it at the last moment without explanation counts as a fiasco in my book, even if the game they happened to replace it with had been one that I actually wanted. Something obviously went very wrong at Sony for this to happen.

  • Does it really matter? The monthly releases aren’t something they have to do. That we get them at all is a bonus.

    While the last minute switch and lack of explanation is interesting, gift horses and all that.

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