Look At This Spider-Man Cosplayer’s Mechanical Eyes

Look At This Spider-Man Cosplayer’s Mechanical Eyes

You see a lot of good Spider-Man cosplay, because it’s an easy one to do well. What’s not easy to do is get the character’s newer designs 1:1, since they’ve got fancy moving eyes, but Hong Kong cosplayer Cavin Creations has gone and done just that.

What you’re seeing here is an incredible feat of electrical engineering for an amateur, as Cavin hasn’t just rigged up the costume’s eyes to move, but he’s got them moving in tandem with his own eyes thanks to sensors embedded on the inside of the mask.

Here’s a video showing off the culmination of three years of work:

And here’s a video kinda showing how it all works: the eyes and sensors are actually housed in a plastic mask, which the suit’s fabric goes over to create the illusion it’s part of Spider-Man’s spandex outfit.

If you’re a Spider-Man cosplayer, or just a collector, Cavin is actually selling some of these, both with the red spandex and as just the raw mask.

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