Welcome To Hell On Earth

As I mentioned before, Mario Maker 2 is not a game you play for fun: it is a game for those who enjoy pain.

There's no better evidence of this than the hellish wasteland that is YouTuber Sunny's recreation of the classic 1-1 level from the original Super Mario Bros, which is tagged simply as "standard" and "short and sweet".

Of course, the level is absolutely nothing of the sort. It's a clusterfuck of revolving fireballs and traps as far as the eye can see, making the simple 1-1 level an absolute nightmare to navigate.

If you too hate life and all that is enjoyable in the world, you can enact this torture upon yourself with the course ID YXL-D4C-TQF. You've been warned.


    This one actually doesn't seem quite as bad as some others I've seen even from the original Mario Maker. The patterns in the level are consistent and it doesn't require you to make any stupid wall jumps or Yoshi sacrificies or frame perfect physics abuse or any convoluted manipulation of items. It's a level that can be beaten with standard skills which can be beaten every time once you know the patterns.

    I'm not enjoying SMM2 as much as I thought I would. A lot of levels online that are popular are speedruns or just terrible trolling levels. I just thought it would be nice to play some standard Mario style levels, but nope. Can't have nice things thanks to ultra-competitive people and trolls.

      I've been making a conscious decision to make as many levels as I can that try to feel like they could fit in with a regular Mario game.

      The downside is that they're not the most challenging things in the world, but I don't want them to be. I want them to be levels that feel good to play and make you think "Yeah, that's a Mario level."

      I mean if you want standard Mario levels you can just play NSMB.

      I find however setting the level difficulty to easy gets rid of most of the trolly stuff. You do get more of the auto complete levels where you dont have to do anything which are fun to see from time to time.

    As an habitual platform-faller-offerer myself, this gave me cold sweats.

    This is what I imagine the 9th layer of hell is like

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