Nintendo’s Releasing A New Switch With 9 Hours Battery Life

Nintendo’s Releasing A New Switch With 9 Hours Battery Life
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All that chatter about an upcoming refresh of the base Nintendo Switch? Well, according to Nintendo Japan’s site, it’s happening much sooner than you think.

A listing on Nintendo Japan’s official page has what’s listed as a “new [Switch] model with longer battery life”. The comparison page says that the minimum battery life for the new model will be four and a half hours, with the console capable of playing for up to 9 hours from a single charge. That’s two hours longer than the max quoted battery life for the recently announced Switch Lite, and two and a half hours more than the base Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo’s Releasing A New Switch With 9 Hours Battery Life

No other change to the console is listed on Nintendo Japan’s page, but Nintendo Australia’s page says that the Switch consoles with the serial number “XKW” will have the longer battery life. Lite consoles will be denoted with the serial number “XJW”, while the original Switch uses “XAW” on the serial number.

Nintendo’s Releasing A New Switch With 9 Hours Battery Life

The new Switch console will supposedly launch in Japan this August. No date is currently listed for the refreshed Switch on Nintendo Australia’s site, and the RRP remains unchanged ($469).


    • Ha! me too. I was playing a game the other day and couldn’t figure out why the control scheme was so bad… Then I realized the switch has a touch screen.

    • They made a cheaper switch that doesnt do TV mode… I think they should make a Ssitch that doesnt do Portable.

      Without battery, charging, screen, optional joycon, no dock… how cheap could a console only version be made for. (And then overcharged for a profit)

  • More battery isn’t enough for me to bother upgrading. Most of my portable play is on the train for 45 minutes each way so the battery lasts long enough for that.

    • I only crack it out for long haul stuff, since my commute is about ten minutes, but my switch dies in my bloody bag on any trip I’m on.

      That upper limit on its battery life must include when it’s in sleep mode.

  • I’m definitely interested. Guess I’ll try and trade in before EB realise the different model serials.

  • Apparently its a smaller battery too, and with the same hardware – so probably some down clocking or resolution trickery to get that.
    I can also almost guarantee that these wont be able to be jail broken either.

    • That’s some solid misinformation there.
      The battery is the same size – the units are exactly the same weight. The efficiency comes from a die shrink of the Tegra X1 SoC from 20nm to (presumably) 16nm.
      The recently announced Switch Lite does have a smaller battery.

  • Seems like a huge waste of time paying any attention to this, would have been much better if they’d actually upgraded the base unit, battery life doesn’t matter to many people because it’s plugged in 24/7. Would have been much better if it was just in general more powerful to counteract the issues people have with it freezing/slowing down when in some games (Dragon quest builder 2 has this issue at least). While mainly useful as a console to me, it’s definitely being treated as a handheld by Nintendo.

    • More powerful, bigger screen, move to oled tech and fixing joy con issues would have got my attention.

    • There’s nothing to suggest this won’t run higher clock speeds etc. Either on release or via future firmware update.

  • The article could be better, I clicked on the link that they provide for Australia Nintendo and it says that it is coming early spring. But I’m kinda excited for it still. I dont have a switch and this has swayed me to buy it.

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