The Refreshed Nintendo Switch Will Hit Australia In ‘Early Spring’

The Refreshed Nintendo Switch Will Hit Australia In ‘Early Spring’
Image: Kotaku

If you’ve been waiting for a Switch with better battery life, we can finally tell you when it’ll arrive.

Nintendo has confirmed with Kotaku Australia that the upcoming refresh of the base Switch, the model with double the battery life, will begin appearing from ‘early spring’, which starts from September.

“Consumers should start seeing the new packaging on store shelves from early spring,” a Nintendo representative confirmed to Kotaku Australia over email.

Earlier reporting today suggested that the refreshed Switch would be sold at $469.95, while older models would be sold from $399. That would then offer three different price points with the Switch Lite selling for $329.95 locally, but Nintendo has told Kotaku Australia that the suggested RRP between the original Nintendo Switch and the refreshed model “remains the same”.

That doesn’t mean that retailers won’t price older Switch models for $399, only that Nintendo hasn’t chosen to deliberately drop the RRP of original Switch models.

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The new Nintendo Switch is quoted at having a maximum battery life of 9 hours, with a minimum battery life of 4.5 hours. That’s a sizable jump from the original Switch, which has a minimum of 2.5 hours battery and a maximum of 6.5 hours. The Switch Lite, on the other hand, has a quoted battery life of between 3 to 7 hours.


  • I was holding off on getting a Switch in case a pro version was on the way, but since that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon I think I’ll just get one now so I can play the latest Fire Emblem. Obviously getting the one with the longer battery life would be preferable, but I don’t think I’d really benefit much from that as I can’t imagine taking my Switch out of my room. Even if I were using it in handheld mode I’d always be within range of a power outlet, since to me the portability of Nintendo handhelds has always been more about taking them with you on holiday to play in the motel room, rather than playing them on public transport or anything like that.

    • If your Switch isn’t leaving the house, the bigger battery life won’t matter. Just get a better controller (definitely the Pro, it’s great) and you’ll be sweet.

      • I’ve seen this comment re: getting the official pro controller on just about every time it’s come up, and I bit the bullet and got my own.

        Now, @dire_wolf, I second this opinion. The pro is great. Weighty, reliable, great battery life, satisfying button size/placement.

    • Just be aware that there’s a good chance Nintendo will introduce increased performance profiles via firmware updates later on that only this revised SoC can take advantage of.

        • Until nintendo announced they are redesigning them. Its pretty safe to assume until they improve it the beatings will continue.

          • Yeah, you’d want to wait until a fix is confirmed, find out what the updated model number is and make sure you get one of those ones.

          • The refreshed model number is on the Nintendo website, just click to compare Switch models and scroll down.

          • I was referring more to the (at this point still theoretical) hardware update to fix the controller drift issue. Although now I think about it, I’m not sure if that would actually result in a new model number if it’s just the controller getting updated but not the console itself?

            I’m just saying that when that finally happens, you don’t want to get lumped with old stock with the old, dodgy controllers. I held off on buying a PS4 Pro until they released the revision with the quieter fan. Because that resulted in a new model number I was able to insist that the guy in JB give me one with that number, not leftover stock of the earlier model.

  • Anyone else notice the JB Hifi catalogue this week where a PS4 Pro with 3 games costs $399 while a Nintendo Switch with nothing is going for $499?

    Why the sudden price hike?

    • Have you got a link to that PS4 Pro price? All I can see on the JB website is PS4 Pro by itself for $469.

      They’ve got the standard (ie non-Pro) PS4 with 1Tb hard drive and 3 games for $399 – is that the one you’re thinking of?

      • Oh your right that is a regular PS4! Geez they’re just jacking up prices everywhere!

        Makes me worried about next gen

    • I’ve heard that they are raising the price back to what it was at release for this refresh model.

      Really scummy if you ask me, especially when all recent Nintendo handhelds have shipped with a minimum 6 hour battery life.

      • minimum 6 hr? website says max 6.5hr for old and min 4.5hr for new. you saying that new one is already shipped before the advertised shipping month?

  • Personally, i would just get one of the current models and save some $$ – then you also have the option to mess with homebrew/jailbreaking and install some retroarch goodness which i can almost guarantee you wont be able to do with the new ones

  • aye guys i’m thinking of buying the switch since my birthday is tomorrow, should i wait for the refreshed version or get the current version?

    Also how big is the price is price difference going to be?

    • I’d wait for the refresh as it has double the battery life. I think it’s going to be the same price or similar.

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