Nintendo Switch Lite: The Australian Price And Full Specs

nintendo switch lite australian priceImage: Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch Lite has just been announced and, if you've been holding out for a new Switch under $300, I've got bad news.

As announced late on Wednesday evening, the Switch Lite will retail in Australia for $329.95. It'll come in three colours: turquoise, yellow and grey.

The Switch Lite, which is designed to be used exclusively in handheld mode, is also a fraction smaller. There's also no HD rumble or IR motion camera. Here's the full specs:

  • Size: 91.1mm x 208mm x 13.9mm (with Joy-Con attached)
  • Weight: Approx. 276g
  • Screen Capacitive touch screen / 5.5 inch LCD / 1280x720 resolution
  • CPU/GPU NVIDIA customised Tegra processor
  • System memory: 32 GB
  • Audio: supports linear PCM 5.1ch
  • Speakers: Stereo
  • USB Type-C terminal
  • Headphone mic. jack, stereo output
  • Lithium ion battery / battery capacity 3570mAh
  • Battery life: Approximately 3 – 7 hours
  • Charging time: 3 hours approx (charge while in sleep mode)

For those looking to play games on the Switch Lite that don't support handheld play, Nintendo says players can play those game via wireless controllers:

For games that do not support handheld mode, players can wirelessly connect compatible controllers (sold separately) to Nintendo Switch Lite. If using separate Joy-Con controllers, users will need to have a device to recharge them, such as the Joy-Con Charging Grip.

The Switch Lite will be available in Australia from September 20.

Correction: Specs updated for accuracy — apologies for the error.


    Keep in mind, the regular Switch will be refreshed too with this die shrunk Tegra SoC. It's not announced yet, but supply chain has shown that current SKU ceased production in December 2018.
    Also, AUD329 is shit pricing in my opinion. I guess the weak Aussie dollar is hurting us.

      Also, AUD329 is shit pricing in my opinion. I guess the weak Aussie dollar is hurting us.

      Nah, the dollar could be fantastic, above parity yet we still would get a poor price.

      Not to go too far off topic, back in the early 2000s, when the dollar matched and exceeded the US dollar, retail prices didn't change much if at all.

      But when the dollar fell, retailers wanted to raise their prices due to the dollar's fall.

      Main reason for me is the smaller size, the current Switch was just too big for me to take with me every day.

    It's a good idea, but that pricing point is really crap. Why would you do this, when you can shell out a little bit more, shop around and get the full Switch experience? Regularly I see it for 379 dollars at places like Target, sometimes 399 with a game? They really should've tried to hit that 250 - 280 price range imho. This could've been the new 'gameboy', as it stands, it's destined to be a new 2DS imho at that pricing point.

      Yeah had it been $249 i would have been more than happy to buy one.

      But this price point is way to close to the base model which makes it irrelevant essentially.

        Depends what you personally want. I want something smaller than the switch to replace my 3DS, this suits me perfectly. The price seems reasonable, I think $299 would sell more though.
        I would have liked a HDMI port to be able to plug it into the TV, but realistically I probably never would have.

      Yep, cracking idea but the price point kinda ruins it

        I wouldn't even say it's a "cracking idea". It's a portable gaming device that plays Switch games but is otherwise not a Switch. No detachable joycons. No docked mode. No connecting to a TV at all, in fact. No kickstand.

        The original Switch isn't even a bad portable system when using it that way. I didn't hear anyone saying it was too large. I did see complaints about the lack of dpad though, so I guess the Lite addresses that at least.

        The price point is silly yes, it's way too close to the base model Switch, but even if it wasn't, I'm struggling to see the demographic for this. If you want to play "on the go", the original Switch does that just fine, AND provides more functionality. In fact if you look through the Switch stories on a site like Kotaku, you'll find far more stories about how great it is to play games like Doom in handheld mode than you do stories about it being docked. It was already great at handheld mode. So the point of this device is...?

          Yeah I don't get that, it looks to still use the same usb-c port, so why the hell would they remove the option to dock? Just don't include the dock in the box? Seems stupid to block it.

            It likely also doesn't include the cooling system that the Switch uses when running in docked mode.

              There's no additional cooling in docked mode - it just increases the fan speed to accommodate for the increased clock speed and res bump

          Disagree. Its a device with the same power, more battery life, D pad and is only a hand held item. I think a lot of people only use the switch in hand held mode so it makes perfect sense to drop a few features and offer a lite version. Like i said, it only becomes worth it if the price point is right and it isnt

      I think we will regularly see acceptable pricing whenever there's a sale, just like we do with the switch.

        I bought a PS4 two years ago for $270 - the Switch has never been acceptably priced! I've been considering getting a switch for the kids but the inevitable "kids fighting over a tablet" possibility has held me back, rather than posing a solution for parents who want a DS like option (many households had multiple DS' back in the day) this has actually made the base console a more attractive option but hasn't solved that console's biggest issue which is it's price

        Last edited 13/07/19 10:17 pm

      The price comparison you're thinking now is just-released lite against 2-year old Switch who has already seen its price reduced for $470 to $400 and which can often be found for $360-70. The Lite is currently priced for launch to get the most money out of the people who want the console regardless of price. Wouldn't be surprised to see it retailing for $250 (on offer) by 2020's Christmas.

        Indeed, but it doesn't matter it's priced at that back then, it matters about current market pricing. It will definitely drop by 2020, but 2019 is what matters for current, immediate sales.

    "For games that do not support handheld mode, players can wirelessly connect compatible controllers (sold separately) to Nintendo Switch Lite"

    Fricking awesome! So for what is effectively the same price as a regular Switch ($329 Switch Lite + $120 joy-cons = $20 less than a regular Switch), I can play all of the games a regular Switch can play! Good job Nintendo.

      Not only that but it doesn't have a kickstand so how exactly are you supposed to play with an wireless controller?

        Spend an extra $30 on a minidock. It's genius!

          Switch Lite won’t work in docked mode it has been confirmed. So that won’t work either.

            That's why he said "minidock" (not regular dock) which Nintendo will happily release for only $60 more once enough people complain about this issue that Nintendo totally didn't see coming or prepare for in any way.

            Last edited 23/07/19 4:04 pm

    Well the price point is what you get with a weaker Australian dollar, and a high demand, and they no longer subsidise console prices with licensing fees and sales commissions.

    Doesn't help that analysts have been brutal scrutinising Nintendo for weak sales revenue despite them having a console platform that is outpacing Sony and Microsoft release scale.

    When the more solid rumours about this emerged recently, I was a bit worried I might regret having very recently purchased a second switch. But i needed a second console so I could finally hack my launch model.
    But at this price point, with reduced functionality and no major upgrades that I can see, I do not regret buying another original in the slightest.

    Yeah, uh, I'm not sure that price is correct.
    Just based off the 5 other articles I looked at, one of which was another from this site.

    I like the idea of this, and the design looks good; but at this price it makes no sense. Spend a little more on an OG Switch.

    Not sure how Nintendo can justify this price, given there’s no dock included, no HD rumble, no IR sensor, no detachable controllers...etc.

    Last edited 11/07/19 8:18 am

      Especially when it's also rumored not to play all Switch games :/

        It is?

        All they've said is to look for the 'handheld' icon to see if you can play it. What games can't be played in handheld?
        They also showed that you sync joycon/s to it and play 1 2 swtich that way.

          There are a few games that don't support handheld mode, including Super Mario Party. For those games, you can still play them on the Lite, but you need to sync joycons or another wireless controller. If you don't already have a set of joycons, it'll cost you about 100 bucks to buy a pair. At which point the price of the Lite is equivalent (maybe even more expensive) than a standard original Switch.

    It seems weird they took out the ability to connect to a TV, in any way, especially since it was NVidia taking the shield concept and putting the Nintendo brand on it. Surely it could still connect to a dock or have a cable version that plugs in. Maybe even explore the option of wireless streaming like Apple TV or ChromeCast?

    This seems like a step down in all the wrong directions.

      Yeah, personally I would have liked to see pretty much the exact opposite of this. Give me a Switch that ONLY works hooked up to the TV. I've already had a DS and a Vita and, while I loved them, I only ever used them when travelling, which might be 2 or 3 weeks a year. These days I'll just settle for playing something on my phone or tablet, since I'll have them with me while travelling anyway. I have no use for another dedicated portable gaming device.

      Surely a non-portable Switch which is basically just a standard console form factor with an HDMI output, no need for a screen or separate dock etc, could be done cheaper than this?

    I love the yellow one, and I really want it but I just don't NEED it. I use my Switch almost exclusively in console mode, so there's not really much point.

    I'll be holding out for a "Switch Pro" or whatever comes next.

    I think I'm still happy with my original Nintendo Switch which is playing in TV Mode and Handheld Mode.
    But the Nintendo Switch Lite not requiring a TV to play your Switch games come on it's a handheld console.
    So how are you going to charge up your Nintendo Switch Lite if you don't have a USB-C Adapter? I think this is all wrong.

    $330? Someone thinks the Aussie dollar is in for a rough ride in the future.

    I might buy one for under $300. Might.

      Well, it is currently USD199, which with GST added comes to AUD315, so $329 isn't far off raw exchange rates.
      I still feel like $299 would make more sense here, but if the dollar dips more then it would end up a lot cheaper here than in the US, which would be very surprising.

    It really isnt selling the Price difference for the feature sacrifice and there isnt any innovation or difference.

    If they put all the hardware into a handheld only version... could they do the opposite and put all the hardware into a TV Console only version. Lose the joycons, the screen, the battery... how cheap could they get it plugged into every home.

    Is system memory meant to be system storage?

    And here I thought the $315 Amazon Black Friday deal a year ago was still a little too high to bite.....

    Shouldn’t it be called the ‘Single’ Lite

      It's no longer a Switch, so they should have gone with …Sub.

    If this would have plugged into my existing OG Switch dock in some way, I’d have bought one for sure. A second Switch would be sweet, but it needs to dock.

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