Our Favourite Photos From YetiCon, Canada's Mountain Cosplay Party

YetiCon, a show held every year in Canada’s Blue Mountains, is a cosplay con with a big focus on adventure stuff, ranging from toboggan rides to... drinking by the pool.

There was a lot of good cosplay on show, so for this event we’ve got not one but two rounds of content to highlight everyone’s amazing work. The first is this fantastic clip from Legend of Micah:

And next up we’ve got coverage from Mineralblu, which as always features the character bring cosplayed, that series and the cosplayer’s social media handle watermarked on each image.


    *reaches that nier automata one. "haha is this room really hot or is just me". *profusely wipes sweat from forehead.

    I quite liked the amount of avatar/korra ones, always my favourite and have seen a couple good Toph's (best character) at recent con/anime festivals.

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