Overwatch Cheaters Are About To Get Games Automatically Shut Down

Overwatch Cheaters Are About To Get Games Automatically Shut Down

Blizzard is currently testing a new and interesting way of dealing with cheaters in an Overwatch match: whenever cheating is detected, they’ll just automatically shut the game down, no questions asked. They call it the “next evolution of cheat detection” in the game.

Normally that would suck, because everyone else would be punished for one person’s crimes. But Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan says in this video announcing the plans that the way their new system would work is that when the match was shut down, anyone not cheating would be fine, and would face no penalty. That includes competitive matches, so you won’t lose SR for the game being unfinished, regardless of whether the cheater was on your own team or the opposition.

For the cheater/s, though, Kaplan says “very harsh actions are happening”.


  • Well, I for one can’t wait for the flood of reports from people who actually weren’t cheating about having their game shutdown for no reason…

    • … and all the reports from cheaters claiming the exact same thing. “I wasnt cheating” while they unistall their aimbot.

      • Yeah they always have a long story. Anyone who comes with a story where they think they know the reason why they got “accidentally” flagged is really suspicious to me. If it was a mistake you would just be like “I didn’t cheat”.

  • Symmetra in a teched-up Zatanna outfit just reminds me that the only worthwhile thing to come out of Overwatch is its massive porn creation scene.

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