Parents Name Their Baby 'Google' After... Google

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Baby names are important. If you need suggestions, you can always try Google. Or, as one Indonesian family did, you can skip the looking on Google and just name your kid after it.

The Jakarta Post (via AsiaOne) reports that parents Ella Karina and Andi Cahya Saputra decided to name their son “Google.” Ella was originally against her husband’s idea, only referring to her son as “baby boy” during the first few months after birth, but eventually warmed up to the name.

“I hope my son will be a leader who leads many people, who is useful to many others,” Ella told news site Kompas (via Coconuts).

“When I read comments on social media, oh my God, was I that low? Some even said [I named my son Google] to get financial compensation, or that my son would be recruited by Google in the future, or gets his schooling paid for by Google,” said father Andi. “I said ‘Amen’ to positive messages, because I try to think positively.”

People name their kids after cities and famous characters, so why not multi-national corporations?

As Coconuts points out, babies named after companies or products like Go-Pay or Pajero Sport have received gifts from the companies. The same is true for Google. According to The Jakarta Post, Google Indonesia apparently sent along some baby presents, such as a jumper emblazoned with “Google.”

“Google Indonesia called us,” Ella said. “They expressed congratulations and wished that baby Google could grow up to be a helpful and useful person to many others.”

I do have one piece of advice to the young boy: Don’t be evil.


    "Hey Google?" will be the bane of that poor boys existence. I feel sorry for all the teasing and jokes he will have to endure.

    Suddenly I'm reminded of the book "Jennifer Government".

    Are we sure Google doesn't own the kid now?

      For some reason it won't let me reply on your comment below about calling your kid Fin, so I'm borking the chronology of this chain and putting it here- At least Fin's a subtle and y'know, an actual name! So full disclosure why shit names bug me- my kid's names are Krystal (ex's choice. I agreed, but I flipped my shit when I later saw on the cert that she'd spelled it "stripper style"
      with a K and my son's name is Fletcher. My choice, though we both agree and the ex, in her wisdom gets the cert done without me AGAIN. Now his name is spelled Fletcha. Gaaarrhg! Reason #7081/100000000000 that she's is now my ex.... Regardless they are both awesome bright young adults, one who has given me a grandson with the awesomely boring name of Andrew (my name!)
      Ok, rant done.

    "Okay Google, clean up your toys"
    "I'm sorry, I don't understand"

      "I can't help with that right now, but I'm still learning"

    This doesn't shock me considering the names parents are giving their kids to be unique but not realising how this kid is forever going to have to spell out their name or explain the reason. You've got Mercedes, Sara but with no h or Sera, Precious, newest i heard was jackdaniel.

      My favourite so far was an American girl named "Abcde" pronounced "Absidy" or soemthing like that.

      Made headlines because flight attendants were apparently making fun of it... And rightly so

        New Zealand had a massive run of names like this not too long ago. It came to a head when someone named their kid 4Real. It was rejected outright because it would completely mess with things like electronic forms. No numbers in the name field and stuff.

        In Japan you have to actually request a name. Because names are groups of kanji meant to relate to positive personality traits, you can get weird combos. So when you name a kid, you send off the form to Births, Deaths, and marriages and they tell you if the name can't be used for some reason.

          France also have naming laws, which I think have existed since 93.

          Looking back, I can now see how we came to this point in time in the world

            Australia too, no numbers, symbols, offical titles, non English letters, anything offensive or statements.

              I was meaning, specifically, that they, along with other countries have a pre-approved list of acceptable names to choose from. That sort of thing.

              Which i think it a good thing. Stops idiotic "parents" from naming their kids something stupid

              Something this stupid IS offensive! You need a license to drive, fish even own a dog. But any dumbf#*k can breed. And sadly do frequently.

                Heck, I'm even proof of that! Thankfully my kids are way smarter than me. And aren't named Dreamcast or Captain Morgan or whatever!

                  Lol, Captain Morgan is a cool name though tbh.

                  My missus wouldn't let me have Fin because she knew I just wanted to call him Fin the Human Boy.

    I wanted to name my first born (boy) Arkanoid, Wife was not having it. Even as a middle name. Managed to swing Indiana (Indy) instead.

    This reminds me of the movie Idiocracy, lets call out kid Cheeseburger, ffs human kind is beyond savable.

      That movie has gone from comedy to horrifically prophetic.

        100%, the more I see humanity "progress" (if you could call it that) the more worrying it becomes.

    As google is a registered trademark in a lot of countries they may end up having issues with visa's and alike if they ever decide to travel.

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