There’s A Missing $86K Pokémon Card On The Loose

There’s A Missing $86K Pokémon Card On The Loose
Image: The Pokémon Company

Original Pokémon cards are selling for a fortune these days, with the highest grade cards fetching tens of thousands of dollars. Now imagine buying one of those cards … only for it to get lost in the mail.

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According to CNET, YouTuber, smpratte, bought one of these cards for about $86,651 ($USD60,000) on eBay last year but in a case of terrible luck, the card was allegedly lost in the post.

The specific card was a “Trainer No. 3” and is one of a kind. It was given to the third-place finalist at a 1999 Pokémon card game tournament in Japan called Super Secret Battle. Once smpratte purchased the rare card in August 2018, it was shipped via the US Postal Service and made it to New York where it suddenly disappeared. A US Postal Service worker, smpratte alleges, took his package after realising how much it was insured for.

Smpratte is offering $1444 ($US1000) to anyone who can find his card so while it went missing in New York last year, it could be anywhere in the world. Australia included.

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  • Jesus, who spends $80000 on a card, but doesn’t spring the extra couple of grand for a flight to pick it up in person? X.x

    • My thoughts exactly. If it cost so much why would you leave it in the hands of the postal service.

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