Pokemon Sword And Shield Have Exclusive Gym Leaders

pokemon sword shield switch gyms

There's always a bit of decision making when it comes to picking up a new Pokemon game. Eevee or Pikachu. Red or Blue. But now, there's another element to consider: what gym leaders you want to fight.

New footage from the official Pokemon YouTube channel has revealed an extra element: Sword and Shield will have exclusive gym leaders. Bea, one of the most ripped leaders to appear in a Pokemon game, is a fighting-type expert who will only appear in Pokemon Sword, while the ghost-type specialise Allister and their creepy Mimikyu will be a part of Pokemon Shield. Other gym leaders, like Chairman Rose, will appear in both games.

Also, Gigantamax is now a thing, which changes the appearance and size of your Pokemon. It's absolutely not a return of the Mega Evolution mechanic that Game Freak abandoned in previous games. Really.

The Japanese YouTube channel has a separate video showing off much of the same information and gym leaders, but there's also more footage of what Galar looks like, that adorable corgi Pokemon, and a few more environments. It's worth a quick watch.

Personally, I'd be down with Bea any day of the week. Mimikyu is adorable, but still a creep, and Fighting-type gyms are usually easier to deal with. Also, the Japanese trailer was miles better than the English one.


    Ever since I picked up pokemon blue when I was a wee boy, I thought splitting content between two full priced games was a pretty scummy business model, and I still do.

      They seem to be pretty lazy with sword and shield. My guess is that the team leaders hearts just aren't in it anymore, so they do the bare minimum that they know they can get away with (with both fans and Nintendo).

      Agreed. And then they pulled that shit with Fire Emblem and I grew off Fire Emblem immediately. I'm back now with the Switch game, but the trend of these two version formats don't really work in an age of DLC and so forth.

    It's not the first time at least, Black/White had the same thing with the 8th Gym.

    Still not fond of the Dynamax and Gigantamax thing, it's just another gimmick they'll put effort into and forget about it as soon as the development has finished,

    I know I'm a 30 year old man, but this just made this a hard pass from me.

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