Friday's game was The 7th Guest, as spotted by alphamone. I really should go back and play a ton of FMV games. I've also got a ton of annual leave to burn up.

Anyway, new game! Let's see how you do.

Good luck!


    California Games, BMX

    I'm so bad at these.

      Imagine what you're looking at is less than a quarter of the screen, an element that's part of something bigger.

    That looks like Pikachu slumped on the ground, possibly fainted with their trainer in the background. This is definitely the original Pokemon for the Atari 2600 - back when it only had 8 Pokemon.

    For FMV games I HIGHLY recommend the Tex Murphy games. Excellent games.

    Tyrian, specifically the scorched-earth-esque "Destruct" gameplay mode.

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