scribbletaku guess the game

Nobody got yesterday's game - it was The Yawhg, one of the inspirations behind the new Carly Rae Jepsen tabletop RPG.

Let's see how you do today!

Good luck!


    I'll kick myself for not getting this...
    Heroes of Might and Magic perhaps?

      Was gonna say the same! Can't even recall if I'm correct though.
      Is the orange a hint?

    Its obviously a Rune from Suikoden =P

    Also.... i hope you guys like extra ad revenue i just gave u guys by tapping on the late loading ads twice. Seriously....

    FIFA 12 - Netherlands team badge.

    one of the old Warlords games from SSG

    Everyone's guessing historical games, so I'm going to go with Gran Turismo, which features Peugeot.

    It's the crack in my car's windscreen from the game "How long can we let this crack in my windscreen go before it grows too large and we have to replace it?"

    Harry potter. It looks like the griffendor Lion crest

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