scribbletaku can you guess the game

No scribble yesterday, but everyone (darren first!) had no troubles spotting Baba is You on Monday. So here's a new game for you.

I suspect most people won't have too much issue with this one, but sometimes it's nice just to pop up something we all remember for a bit of nostalgia. Does remind me that I need to get back to that browser version, though...


Mattykb83 knows their Syndicate. Yesterday's scribble wasn't the recent reboot of the cyberpunk game, but the original Bullfrog action-tactics from the early '90s. Ton of fun, that game.

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    Definitely reminds me of one of the Tomb Raider games, I'm going to go with Tomb Raider 2.

    I'm guessing Tomb Raider: Anniversary, mainly due to the trace being non-angular.

    And yes, I'm guarding my words because this is the Internet.

    That's the Core Design-era Lara Croft circa Tomb Raider 2. Or 3. It's the same model for 2 & 3.

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