scribbletaku can you guess the game

I was off sick yesterday, so the last Scribble was Wednesday's Paper Mario. Namiwakiru spotted it pretty easily, which is understandable given Paper Mario has a pretty distinctive look.

And I'd argue that's the case for today's game as well.

Can you guess what it is? Chances are most of you have played this — or at least, if you haven't, you 1000 percent should.

Good luck!


Nobody picked up yesterday's game, so here's a second hint to help you all.

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Sorry everyone — you thought yall had it, didn't you! But yesterday's ScribbleTaku was not Defender of the Crown. Today, instead of giving you another clue, I'm going to give you another drawing of the same game!

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Lapetus nailed Friday's game: it was Baldur's Gate. Not the best tracing, but hopefully today's scribble will make up for that.

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    Yeah the last one was pretty easy but I'm glad it was cuz I've been keen to get at least one scribbletaku win even though I suck at em.

    So thank you @alexwalker and let me know where and when I can collect a PlayStation 5 for my prize. XD

      even though I suck at em

      The trick to getting better at them is to guess The Hunt for Red October every time. It's done wonders for my win rate.

        Worked out well for Biker Mice From Mars

          It was a mistake to go off-brand with that guess. Especially since I've never played it.

        I honestly considered belting out the same game every day in the hope he gave me one.

    Some kind of pool and/or billiards game, but I couldn't say which one. Maybe Side Pocket?

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