Ship-To-Ship Combat And Everything Else Shown At Warframe’s Fan Conference

Ship-To-Ship Combat And Everything Else Shown At Warframe’s Fan Conference

Changes to quest structure and enemy behaviour, ship-to-ship space combat, and a new, sprawling open-world area are just a few of the things coming to Warframe later this year and beyond.

Digital Extremes shared some new information and a bunch of trailers for the updates they’re working on at this year’s TennoCon held over the weekend in London. At the top of the list is the Empyrean expansion, first teased at last year’s conference, which will let players team up to control combat spaceships in a new type of mission. The studio went into detail about what Empyrean will entail with a new 44-minute demo.

The video shows three players in a customisable battleship called a Railjack setting off to explore the solar system in search of aliens to kill and loot to grab. While onboard, each player can help manage the ship’s shields, weapon systems, and special tools like EMP blasts.

They can also disembark and get inside their Archwings, exosuits for flying through space that have traditionally been confined to a particular set of missions, to head out and board enemy ships. In the trailer, it’s reminiscent of Assassin’s Creed’s naval combat, but if the enemy ships housed mini-dungeons.

Digital Extremes says Empyrean will also have a new type of quest built around a feature called Squad Link. According to the studio, Squad Link will coordinate missions between different squads of players in different parts of the map.

One group of players might pursue an enemy Railjack that’s protected by a powerful shield, while another group on the surface of a nearby planet then gets a distress call with the location of a limited-time objective to destroy the power generator for that ship’s shields. The expansion is also supposed to have overhauled graphics and updated enemy AI to make battles more dynamic.

There’s also a batch of smaller updates headed to game:

  • A new introductory quest that ties into the game’s new opening cinematic.

  • Duviri Paradox, Warframe’s third open-world area. Based on the trailer, it may be more sinister and surreal than the current ones.

  • The New War, the next chapter in the game’s cinematic narrative quest line. Information is scant, but the trailer is pretty.

  • “Nightwave Series 2: The Emissary,” the game’s next season of weekly challenges and rewards that’s based around a mysterious child who can cure the infested (currently live on all platforms).

  • Wukong Prime, the enhanced version of the original Wukong suit. It comes complete with a crossbow, nunchaku, and looks that can kill (also currently live on all platforms).

While the studio’s announcements were light on release dates, Warframe’s future continues to look bright despite the game originally coming out six years ago.


  • I swear.

    Everytime i stop playing this game because of other games they add something that makes me want to come back.

    • I’ve never played before but it looks so enticing? I hear it’s one of the best f2p games out there, is that right?

      • Hands down one of the best!

        It’s not without its warts, the game can be quite daunting going in fresh this far along and it can be a bit of a grind at its worst.
        It can feel overwhelming with so many choices, systems, resources, reputations and time/level barriers but it’s the kind of game where you shouldn’t worry too much about what you can’t do and focus on what you can, everything else opens up to you in good time.

        The thing I’ve come to love most about the game is when it gets too much you can put it down for long periods and come back to find new and interesting things to do and work toward.

      • It’s an amazing game.

        Well worth getting into.

        Its a really grindy game though but its a good grind. You get good stuff for grinding.

        Plus you dont have to actually pay for anything in game. Through trading you can get everything in the store.

        This review is a bit old, But its a great one worth watching

  • The Operator in me is hyped but the cynic just wants to know what kinda hit I’m taking to my research times, resource stockpiles and credits.

    Seriously though, it’s kinda cool to see so much new and substantial looking content floating around the New War.
    The Old War is the epic lore vehicle that has defined and shaped everything in the game world so it’s good to see everything we’re learnt as been working toward is looking to be something of equal scale and consequence.

      • Gawd, no kidding.

        I’ve got a one man clan I’ve worked on for years and I made the decision to only research stuff I actually want along with a number of other self imposed restrictions to save my sanity.

  • We had a moon tier clan that had ten members, but I was the only one with the materials to continue research… sooooo much research.

    • My small ‘family and friends’ clan is completely capped out on research – or was, until the last patch that introduced a couple new items. We have some pretty god damn hardcore grinders in the clan, though. I don’t play much myself, but if you hit me up on Steam I can hop on and get you an invite if you want those blueprints. Or just look up anyone in Ryzom Vendetta and say Transient said you should get an invite.

      More Aussies is always a good thing. (@namiwakiru – relevant. This might also help you guys out for Empyrean as it seems like railjack stuff may be clan-based, what with the drydock being operated out of the dojo.)

      • True, the Dojo makes sense.

        It’s been ages since I’ve needed to build anything in there, I’ve had a path free just in case something new comes but I might do a little bit of work in preparation, like adding a couple more reactors and getting a transporter ready.

        • If it all gets too hard/grindy, you could always park your clan with an alt account and join ours with your main. We’re sitting on a shed-load of resources and research for a clan that’s as small as we are.

          Like I said, I don’t play as much myself any more but my brothers and their friends grind pretty hard.

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