Sony Has Shipped 100 Million PS4s

Sony Has Shipped 100 Million PS4s

The PS5 may be on the horizon, but the PS4 is far from dead. Sony reports that they have now shipped 100 million PS4s between the machine’s late 2013 launch and June 30 of this year.

Sony’s most recent figure for the number of PS4s actually sold to customers is 91.6 million, through the end of 2018.

Daniel Ahmad, an industry analyst and Tweeter of jokes, said that the PS4 has reached the 100 million mark faster than the phenomenally successful PS2 and Wii:

Note that Ahmad’s chart shows the Switch (the light purple line) to be on the same sales path as the PS4 (light blue), though equally notable is that the Wii was a hotter seller than either machine for a long time before slowing down greatly by year five. The PS4 just hasn’t faded as much.

We expect the PS5 to launch next year, but with a PS4 installed base of this size, it’s a certainty that games will be made and sold for Sony’s current console for a long time to come.


    • Would be interested to know how many of those sales are Switch only households. I think a lot of the success of the Switch comes from people buying it as a second console (or third), compared to the PS4 and XBOX which a lot of people have as their only console.

    • Im not a PS user at all and this still makes me happy. Glad the console world is going strong. Healthy competition is needed

  • Projections did have them hitting that number by years end.

    Be interesting to see how the Switch goes with new versions and some big ticket holidays on the horizon.

  • Surprised by the PS1 line though I’m guessing perhaps that console had a late life resurgence? I always thought the PS1 sold over 100m with total lifetime sales comparable to the Wii but looking at this graph, it barely outshines the PS3.

    • I suspect the slow start for the PS1 is due to it only being out in Japan for the first nine months.

      Also, it was well into its third year on the market when two of its biggest sellers were launched in the form of Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid.

    • Yep, remember the ps1 being ridiculously expensive on release. Over $1000. Most people avoided it, i didnt care for it either. but towards the endish of its life it had a massive amount of great games and was cheap and thats why i picked one up

  • Congrats and well deserved. A fantastic console. My only criticism would be that I hoped for better support of PS1 and PS2 on it.

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