Streamer Tries To Test PUBG Bug, Accidentally Lands Shot Of A Lifetime

Sometimes, there’s just no point in trying - for instance, when you’ve got to nail a shot on a target that’s several football fields’ worth of space away. Luckily for Twitch streamer Jake “ChocoTaco” Throop, he wasn’t trying at all. Or at least, he wasn’t trying to do that particular thing.

Throop just wanted to demonstrate a Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds bug that involved his gun’s bolt. This involved swapping away from the gun, swapping back, and then firing it. From inside an otherwise-abandoned building, he aimed at a window and let out a totally random shot, with no intent to strike anybody.

Then the game told him he’d gotten a kill. From 401 meters away.

Throop’s jaw hung agape. Then he burst out laughing. “What?” he asked in a high-pitched tone. He tried to resume explaining the bug, but couldn’t keep it together. “Oh my god,” he said between fits of laughter, “who knew science could be so beneficial?”

Later, he watched the shot from the perspective of the person he managed to eliminate. They’d been knocked down in a skirmish, but not finished off. They crawled feebly in a lightly forested area.

Then Throop’s bullet struck them in the backside, their ragdoll body rocketing several feet into the air. A fitting conclusion to a magnificent moment of video game slapstick. Somehow, Throop barely reacted, but his chat knew what was up.

“AND THE ELEVATION,” said one viewer.

“OUTTA HERE,” said another.


    The best I have ever done was lob an HE shell in world of tanks in the direction of the enemy cap and getting a random kill of someone who clearly was hated by the universe

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