Super Mario Maker 2 Is Perfect For Terrible People

Being an arsehole isn't typically considered a unique selling point by most games publishers, but in the case of Mario Maker 2, it probably should be.

But this is the internet we're dealing with here. So instead of being a case of "let's see how fast we can finish levels", players are discovering the dark underbelly of Mario Maker 2 online: the people who thrive on pure pain.

Nightmarish levels were part of Mario Maker's charm to begin with, but the true horror of Mario Maker 2 is the multiplayer. On the surface of things, and probably how Nintendo first envisioned it, having up to four people basically speedrun a level sounds neat. That's fun, Nintendo probably thought.

Everyone else, meanwhile, is just looking for ways to fuck with people in real-time.

Some of the best trolls come from people screwing other people over at the last moment. Others are just hilariously cruel, bodyblocking players from finishing a level, or deliberately triggering elements when players get nearby so it ruins their day.

Perhaps Nintendo truly knows their audience after all. Thank God this chaos isn't in Mario Kart.


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