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  • Anime Streaming Services – which ones to have in Australia?

    I like dubs over subs generally. I’ve noticed that there seems to be a crossover of Funimation stuff on Animelab, so is both required or they really mostly the same?

    Help me Obi-Wan Kotaku, you’re my only hope! 😛

    • I find Animelab, Crunchyroll, and Netflix are a good set for anime (plus the non-anime stuff on Netflix) – wondering if anyone with Funimation can confirm how much overlap with Animelab though

      • I have a free account with Funimation. I think there’s only a few shows that aren’t covered by my subscription to Animelab & Crunchyroll.

    • In addition to the others mentioned there is Hidive. But it only has a handful of free episodes as a trial, most of it is paid per month content, but most of it seems to be dubbed. And there’s about a dozen titles marked “Exclusives” if that helps.

      • I’ve wondered about HiDive, but never really looked into it.

        By the sounds, I should be covered by AnimeLab and HiDive, so I’ll go that way once my Funimation sub expires. 🙂

    • I think RPS is a joke in its entirety, I just had a quick read of some of the articles there and they are full of “woe is me” style writing and the comments are just one big circle jerk.

    • Loved seeing his comments. Certainly very welcome in the age of drama and outrage that surrounds games.

  • In kinda big gaming world news, there’s been some pretty big pedophilia based accusations leveled at Resetera. Here’s a thread, coincidentally on neogaf.

    It’s not too hard to believe, considering ResetEra was born out of NeoGaf (they founded their own forum with blackjack and hookers after the guy who made NeoGaf had some sexual harrassment accusations) and only a couple of years ago one of the NeoGaf mods was arrested for child porn.

    I’d hope we see something on it, especially since Schreier posts on resetera.

    • Whats funny is that if you search “ResetEra Pedophile” on google the first result is a thread where someone is demanding people stop hating on Pedophiles. You cant make this up.

  • Had a look at it, I think the “16 year old” search parameter is a misleading without reading more or context, 16 is legal in Australia and most US states so doesn’t qualify as Pedo, although some of the other stuff is bad like the anime stuff.

    One of them admits to having sex with someone almost 18 so I’m not sure what to make of it, the person writing the post says he admired to having sex with someone underage, are we aware of what country this person is from, becuase 18 might be the age of consent there.

    Age of consent in Bahrain is 21 so by there definition it looks bad, but look at Nigeria which is 11 for fucks sake or Middle Eastern countries where there is no age of consent only sex outside of marriage is deemed illegal.

    I think it looks bad no doubt especially the cover up, but some of it needs more looking into.

    • Just so you’re aware, the age of consent is not the same as the age of majority. If you solicit nude images of someone who’s under the age of 18, you can still go to jail, even if that person is 16 or 17.

      • Yeah I was aware of that, same rules apply if your also under 18, the recipient and sender both can get charged with distribution, production and receipt (Respectively) of child pornography.

        There have been cases of 16-17 year old girls getting charged with production and distribution from taking a naked selfie and sending it to there boyfriends of the same age.

        • I think there was a recent push to tidy that up so you didn’t have kids being charged for sending naked pics of themselves.
          It was a ridiculous use of the law.

  • Playing overwatch still and I feel dead on the inside – I can’t seem to find another game that I enjoy playing _>_>/

    • Force yourself down a singleplayer game? I find it can be hard to break the gameplay loop of multiplayer games otherwise

        • I’ve been playing thru Yakuza 0 which has been generally fun, and the game moves forward at a fairly decent clip if you don’t get too involved with the sidequests :P.

          Shadow of War & Tomb Raider (reboot) are also recommended. The Tomb Raider games are a bit more linear, which I feel makes getting thru these a touch easier.

  • Opinions on Bloodstained ritual of the night? I’ve never really played a Castlevania but enjoy the exploration and feel of Metroids/vanias. Debating whether I should drop some cash on it in the next few months or wait till it goes up for sale.

    • Its a good game, but not genre defining. I’d wait for a sale unless you really need to feed your metrovania itch right now.

    • It’s a tough call. I’d wait for a patch or two if you’re not super eager. I’m absolutely in love with the game but it’s less Metroid more vania so it’s hard to recommend to someone who hasn’t played that style. Metroid games are very much ‘go here, get that, you have that, now go here’. Castlevania has that but it has a layer of stats, spells, weapon types, equipment, items and crafting too. For all the JRPG elements it’s still 100% real time action.

      If the price isn’t sitting right with you I’ll say it’s definitely bigger than the usual indy/Kickstarter project. I’ve spent more time with it than I do the average 2D Metroid game.

  • Who breaks the website (on safari/iOS) every week or so?? Really annoying to have it constantly reload until it crashes completely.

    • Glad it’s not just me who gets this problem. Slow scrolling, input lag, crash and reload bugs. Typing a comment is so laggy I have to go type into Notes app and then copy paste it, otherwise I risk the page crashing and losing my reply. I swear my phone gets hotter and battery drains faster than it should browsing Kotaku, too, certainly compared to other browsing.

      Tried removing all website data/cache and it’s no better.

      iPhone 7 / iOS 12.2

        • Sorry to always tag you in tech problem complaints @alexwalker but I’ve used the Contact form before and it feels like yelling into the void. Is the support team aware of these iOS crashes? I can’t even make it through an average sized article recently without several forced refreshes and then a final error crash.

          The generally pattern is this message appearing after a forced refresh:

          “This webpage was reloaded because a problem occurred”

          Which happens once or twice, followed by a final crash and this message:

          “A problem repeatedly occurred on”

          Add to that the battery drain, heating up of the handset, slow content loading and laggy/unresponsive text input and scrolling and you’ve got a pretty non-functional site for iOS users.

          Sorry again to @ you, when it’s not really your job but I’m hoping you can nudge someone for us.

  • I’m not saying it’s Kotaku’s fault BUT Mario Royale is now dead and buried. Despite the guy’s best efforts to change things for the DMCA, Ninty’s lawyers decided it wasn’t enough and now the whole project is down.

    • Everyone else wrote about it, and even if we didn’t the community was still playing it. Ninty’s lawyers would have DMCA’d it one way or another. The difference here is that more people got to enjoy it while it lasted.

  • I was like, what ads and then I realised that apparently my ad blocker had decided to block kotaku’s ads for me. I want to unblock them, but I am also terrified to do so

        • It’s how intrusive they are that’s annoying.
          With pop-ups, having to scroll through many to get to the comments etc.
          I agree that I want people to get paid but there has to be a balance somewhere.

  • After a gumtree purge, it’s time for a monitor upgrade. Those 34″ ultrawides look really snazzy. If you’ve used/own one would you recommend it?

    • I have the Asus PG348Q which is a 34″ ultrawide that runs 3440×[email protected] with gsync.

      I love it, I replaced two side-by-side 1080p monitors with it when I got it, and it’s been perfect for my mixed needs of gaming and software development. It’s not flawless of course, so for this particular model here are some things to consider.

      – The backlight layer is recessed slightly from the LCD layer. This means that depending on how close your eyes are to the monitor, on the very left and right edges of the screen there can be a parallax effect where the backlight doesn’t reach as far as the display area does. This is only a matter of a few pixels, but it’s noticeable. I’ve searched around and this is something present on a lot of ultrawides, and after a while you kinda stop noticing it.

      – It’s heavy. If you’re using a monitor arm instead of the stock stand, make sure the arm is rated for the screen’s weight. I’ve had occasional issues of the clamp on my arm not being able to keep pitch (up/down tilt) unless I tighten it very hard. On the other hand, if you’re using the stock stand, make sure to search the model you’re after for its depth – the Asus one I have has a leg that reaches out quite a few inches further back than you’d expect, which necessitates a deeper desk (or a plank to sit the whole thing on so it can overhang the desk a little, as I did initially).

      – I’ve seen this reported for both the Asus and Acer ultrawides: there can be faint horizontal banding visible sometimes. The circumstances for when exactly this happens seem to be vague, but I found I noticed it most at max refresh. It’s impossible to say if it’s a batch issue or a model issue or what, so it may or may not be something that affects whatever model you choose.

      – As always, some games don’t support ultrawide resolutions. There’s a scaling setting somewhere in your driver that makes sure that if you’re running 16:9 on your 21:9 monitor that it’ll put black bands on the left and right instead of stretching. It’s often not the default setting in the driver, so if you run into this, just be aware you can change it.

      All up I’m very pleased with the screen. Just a note on performance too, 3440×1440 is the most common ultrawide resolution and has 5 million pixels so it sits almost exactly halfway between 1920×1080 (2 million pixels) and 16:9 4K (8 million pixels). I noticed there are 4K ultrawides on the market now, but they’re basically 11 million pixels so expect performance to tank even harder than normal 4K.

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