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    Dear everyone: What did you think of Season 3 of Stranger Things?
    Paging Dr. @pokedad
    and don't forget spoiler tags while discussing!

    It starts out pretty obviously that it's going to be a different season. They wanted to do something that wasn't just a retread of the last two, while upping the stakes and introducing a bigger enemy for the mythos than just Dr Brenner or a vague government department. I thought it was pretty enjoyable, but what I really want to discuss/hear your opinions on is the ending (of course!)

    Specifically, in your honest opinon/theory crafting heads,
    is Hopper actually dead? They did the world's oldest trope of "if you don't see the body..." We saw the Russian dudes get liquified, but Hopper was gone completely by the time the camera got back to him. But I think after his heroic death, after the moving reading of the speech and everything, the Duffer brothers wanted us to have hope that he still lived. That's why they mentioned "the American" in the gulag at the end. Who could it be? Could it be Hopper? Only one way to find out, watch the next season!

    So I think it comes down to three likely scenarios:
    1) Hopper is dead. We were spared his grisly melting, but he is still goo.
    2) Hopper is alive, but he's in the upside down now. He jumped in before Joyce turned the key as it was the only place he could go, but how does he survive there for three months?
    3) Hopper is alive, but the Russians got him. I'm not really sure how this could be the case. Maybe 2) happened, but Russians were already on the inside, nabbed him and ???? got him to Russia. You'd think the Mind Flayer would find their presence pretty quick.

    I've seen speculation that The American might also be Brenner, who was teased to maybe still be alive by the Indian girl, but Eleven never confirmed/denied.

      I haven't started it yet, unfortunately. I'm in the middle of umbrella academy at the moment and honestly the whole league of kids with super powers guff from season 2 still makes me hesitant to start.

      Last edited 08/07/19 11:11 am

        For what it’s worth, that storyline isn’t touched at all.

          Yeah I'm up to episode 6 now.

          It took quite a while to get going, but the four plot threads have started to come together and the scenes with the kids have been a big return to form. Once it actually starts to ramp up, it escalates very quickly. The new teen character is good, but I'm still not sure how I feel about the new child character. Max seems less like an annoying plot device now, so that's good. Hopper is being a bit of a tit, but it seems like a PTSD response so I'm cool to let it develop. The Terminator man is a bit silly but I'm on board with it.

          I'm enjoying it a lot more than the train wreck that was season 2.

          Last edited 15/07/19 2:15 am

            Russian Terminator was very silly. You could tell they had a lot of fun with it. Maybe too much fun.
            I think your 1pm comment got ate.

      I really enjoyed it. I'm hearing a lot of criticism about season three but I loved it.

    Glad to see the half page pop down adverts are gone.

    I've made peace with the ads at the bottom of the article and the full page ones that appear mid story but those pop down ones were the straw that broke the camels back, It meant every article was reduced to a third of the screen.
    The most annoying was the tourism one for Tasmania that mockingly said, "Go behind the scenery", as it covered the page.

    I don't want to go the ad blocker route but between the already limited article realestate, constant crashing and ridiculous battery drain it's becoming a necessity.

      Clearly I spoke too soon......
      The ads are back in site crashing, battery crippling glory.

        I nearly made it to the third page of articles on the homepage without a crash today... nearly.

        I got one on my phone today and was "OH GOD, WTF"

        I like the ads. Commenting on Kotaku on my phone is like playing Skyrim with 50 mods turned on.

        Will it crash when I hit submit? Yes. Will I reload chrome and try again? Also yes.

        Yeah as much as I love the community and (most of) the articles, I think I'm done with this website. The popups overlapping popups overlapping what you are trying to read was bad enough, but now each article making me double click to leave, with a bloody "Are you sure you don't want to read some of this bullshit?" message and on top of that it keeps taking me to the top of fucking page one. I discovered this when I had read one of 2 articles I was interested in on page 3, so I gotta make my way back there each time? WHY, FFS?!
        It's like you're actively trying to drive your readers away, Kotaku! I don't want to get my gaming elsewhere but I want buggy, intrusive advertising even less.
        FIX. YOUR. SHIT.
        For a tech/gaming site, this is fucking disgraceful.
        Sorry, brother Nami. This started as a reply and then turned into a rant. Soooooo cheesed off!

          Dont be sorry bro, the frustration is real.
          With all the organisational changes and acquisitions that have happened over the past few years it's clear the bosses of the bosses see Kotaku and co as billboards and ad space where even content realestate isn't safe, I'm half expecting to be told I'm the millionth visitor and offered free iPad.

    So I hadn't been on the site for a while and now I'm noticing all my comments are going into moderation, the last couple have been sitting like that since last week?

      Did you get downvoted to hell recently?

        Nope, generally receive positive votes. Looks like I hadn't posted since December though. Then I may have been talking about a bad experience I'd had on Gizmodo.

        I still have two comments from last week that are sitting in moderation, one continuing that conversation and the other trying to talk about anime =P

        Sort of expecting this comment to get stuck in moderation too.

        Edit: And it is...

        Last edited 09/07/19 8:47 pm

          They get auto modded if you edit them for some reason. Which must be a hassle for the mods to constantly review as well as for us.
          I have fat fingers and an incredibly aggressive auto correct on my phone. My posts end up full of bizarre words that make no sense. So I correct the post and get modded.

      Mine were stuck for ages too, I guess Alex got snowed under. I at least know exactly why I was flagged for mod hell..

      Health tip: don’t correct someone on which period correct slur to use in mordhau cause it’ll still get flagged by the rude word filter.

        I think I read on another post (Scribbletaku perhaps?) that most of the office was away last week, or something like that. Would cripple their abilitiy to deal with stuff like that, though if its bad enough for it to need that sort of attention it suggests it aint working as intended anyway.

        I do know Alex and co were looking at alternative ways to deal with it a month or so ago though. Maybe something changed and made it all worse rather than better...

          yeah, figured it was something like that. Didn't lose any sleep over it

    Interesting to see the latest G2A vs Developer news. Developers saying they'd prefer people to pirate the games than buy them from G2A and G2a countering with 'prove the money lost to fraud and we'll pay 10x'.
    I want developers to make money, but I also frown on regional pricing which G2A seem to take advantage of (as well as bulk purchase of keys on sale).

      Buy from non-aggregating CD key websites like CJ's CD Keys.

    I started Botw and I must say, I have a love hate relationship with it. Sometimes I have no idea where to go or what to do, my favourite weapons keep breaking and things keep one shotting me. But when it works, it's glorious.

    Anyone got a recommendation on a pre-built PC supplier? My current PC is going on 7 years old now and is struggling on any newer games so I'm starting to look around for an upgrade.

      Scorptec I feel is the best in the country for the larger stores for custom builds, as they'll sit down with you as a customer and work out your part requirements.

      Otherwise, throw some cash to a small business in your area (after some research of course) perhaps?

      Or, build it yourself? PC's generally are plug a goes to slot a these days.

        Cheers Camm. Was looking at them, PLE & PC Case Gear last night. I live semi-rural so don't have any options on a local business unfortunately and a self-build is way outside my comfort zone!

          How rural are we talking? Near Sydneyish?

            Nah, in Western Australia.

              Ah. Can't help you there.

              But for the most part computers are just expensive Lego. If you steer clear of water cooling and overclocking and stuff like that, you should be able to do it yourself just fine.

      If you have the time then I suggest building it yourself. Apart from the savings, it is a fun experience. It is even easier these days then it used to be and no restrictions on water-cooled or air-cooled. Doing so will also allow you to easily upgrade in the future as you already know what goes where and (if needed) help troubleshooting in the future. Plus you get to put on your own personal touch and it is a good feeling looking over to it knowing you completed it.

      Good helpful guides are in abundance but here is some. Linus Tech Tips Build Guide JayzTwoCents Build Guide Pauls Hardware Build Guide Very helpful reddit community

      PC part picker is also a good go-to for first timers as it will also let you know when parts conflict. You don't have to buy through this site but good to test builds.

      Also, feel free to ask any questions. It is an exciting time to be building a new PC at the moment with the market actually having some choice and competition. Pricing is pretty good at the moment too. I can't believe how much cheaper ssd's and nvme's drives are these days.

        Time isn't an issue, competence is haha. Cheers for the links, I've never looked at building myself so I'll check them out and see if I think it's something I can take on.
        Problem is I'm very ignorant when it comes to the tech side of PC's, like I just had to google what "nvme" is.

          It is way easier then it seems. The best thing is to not get to overloaded by the "tech" side and remember that all these parts were made to be manually installed by a person. It is like a recipe for a meal. Have all the required ingredients and put it all together in the required way. You don't have to remember what acronym is for what, just only the once for research. But for sure use, a nvme drive for your boot (windows) drive. They are too cheap these days not to.

            So I watched a couple of build vids and checked out that subreddit and you're right - the physical build doesn't appear that difficult so I reckon I'll have a crack at doing it myself.

              Great news! Good luck as well.

                Did the build over the weekend. All (seemingly) went without a hitch until installing Windows 10 from their USB. I was getting an error saying "the kernel is missing or contains errors". Found a few other people online who had the same issue but theirs was from an already installed version so no real help. I ran the Windows Memory Diagnostic that the boot manager error screen suggested and 4 hours later after 4 passes and no errors I gave up on that.
                On that video you'd linked from Paul's Hardware he'd downloaded Windows as opposed to using a pre-bought stick like I had, so without much hope of that working I tried that and sure enough it fired up fine. So of all things that might've gone wrong it was the shipped USB from Windows that did me in!!

                  Congratulations!! Welcome to the PC master race. What's the specs? Yeah I can't say I've ever had that error with a reinstall but I've never done windows that way. I always get the iso and then use Rufus with a USB stick. But good work. You already successfully did your own troubleshooting and fixed it.

                Ran out of room on the thread so replying with specs here...
                Had a decent tax return so fairly splurged to future proof myself for a while:
                Motherboard: ROG Maximus Hero XI
                Cpu: i9 9900k 8 core
                GPU: Geforce RTX 2080i OC 11GB
                Storage: Samsung EVO Plus 2TB NVME
                PS: Corsair HX805i Platinum
                Case: Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic White

                  Dann. That's a nice build! Even more so for your first!

          It's daunting to do it yourself, but it's actually quite easy. You can find heaps of tutorials online

    I spent the last week and a bit camping with no phone reception and no electricity.

    It was amazing. But I missed half of the steam summer sale. Did I miss anything good?

    Since XIV is free up to like level 30 on each class, I've been playing thru.

    Whilst its fun, and I really like the job system, I must admit it feels like a step back. Almost no voiced dialogue (even in the intro!) almost made me alt-f4 on the spot. Combined with major cities that are instanced (just let me run up the damn ramp!), and graphics that are very last gen (I'm at 3440x1440 w/ a 2080 Ti on Ultra and its still a bit meh), and I'll be honest, I'm not sure if I'll pony up the cash.

    Until then though, I'll enjoy whats there up to level 30. At the very least, a level 30 toon across each of the jobs before starting the game proper seems like a decent launch point regardless.

      That's how I started, but I ended up enjoying the stories. You have to remember, the game is old. The starting area is 2014, so it will be dated. I think the newer areas are nicer, but you don't reach those until lvl 50(heavenswards), 60(stormblood) and 70(shadowbringers).
      Main story quest cutscenes have voiced dialogue, but not all the time. Personally, I don't mind there being no voices.
      Also, if you are dungeoning and need a healer, I'm Sid TheLump on the coeurl server

        I followed a list of where Australians are majority playing so rolled on Elemental and Kujata, but thanks for the offer.

          If we had our own servers, we wouldn't have this issue.
          You can make cross world parties though

    Hi everyone. I don't really post in the "Talk Amongst Yourselves" realm of Kotaku, but I thought I'd give it a go, in regards to a new PC. Apologies for a lenghty post.

    I want to buy a new PC. Specifically, I'd like to try and build one. For starters, it's cheaper than buying pre-built and secondly, I hear it's a good learning experience. I won't lie, as much as I love games and computers, I am very new to the realm of putting one together myself.

    I'm most likely going to be using my tax return to fund this potential PC and as a media professional with an ABN and who does occasional freelance work, I should be able to claim this back on tax in the 2019-2020 financial year.

    So, my budget is probably... $1,500 - $2,000. I don't really want to go over two grand, if I can help it. Here's what my goals are:

    - To play modern day AAA games, at high/ultra settings, 60FPS minimum, 1080p resolution (I don't really care for 4K yet);

    - To do digital drawing (Clip Studio Paint EX and Adobe Photoshop CC 2019), as well as editing of digital photography (Photoshop and Lightroom) with minimal hassle;

    - And the potential to return to video editing or/and motion graphics/2D animation.

    My old computer was pre-built from GR-Tek back in 2012, and while it was good at the time, it is unfortunately severely out of date. In the meantime, my oldest brother has kindly donated his 2013 Metabox gaming laptop to me, and while it's so much better than my PC, that too is also out of date, and I would like my own (and to return the laptop to him).

    I should be able to salvage a few things from my old computer to potentially reduce overall costs. Here's what I think I can salvage,

    - One 1TB SATA hard drive, and an additional 3TB SATA hard drive;
    - One DVD drive;
    - My monitor;
    - My keyboard and mouse.

    What do you all think? Any advice would be really appreciated. :) Thank you.

      @welbot he helps me all the time with mine. He's the best to ask

        Unfortunately, in my current state, I'm not really likely to be much help to anyone. The pills my doc have me on leave me feeling like a zombie for the most part.
        Thanks for thinking of me though

      It is great to see all this PC building talk on TAY this week!

      For starters, I recommend having a look at the previous messages above these. And I also have some questions.

      Are you still keeping the older PC? If so I would look at that now becoming a file serving PC. Instead of having 4 TB in your main workhorse I would utilise that PC as either a NAS (using free nas) or you can also put something like Windows 10 LTSC (Windows lite so to speak) on it as I have with an old laptop. Would be very useful for storage especially if it has USB 3 and gigabit ethernet. Good for backups as well. Or have a look at an easy and cheap NAS box to get you started. Stick a gdrive app on there and also start having it upload for Cloud back ups.

      Considering you are going to be gaming and doing creative work that will employ workloads that utilise multi-core performance I would have a look at the new AMD processors that were recently announced. Or even the previous model Ryzen Cpu's would be a suitable case if you want to save a buck. Feed them some fast ram and they fly.

      I would still keep using the old monitor and also grab another for dual display as it is a saviour for any type of work and productivity on a PC. Especially in your use case.

      What sort of games do you play? Anything that would take advantage of refresh rates like 144hz? Multiplayer twitch shooters like CS? If not then I also recommend having a look at some 21:9 ultra wides. I use one for my centre screen and while I don't do any creative work I do love using it for Payroll and excel documents. I find it great for multi-tasking and smashing through lots of data at a time.

        Thank you for your input, I really appreciate it. :)

        I was going to look into trying to salvage parts from my old computer, like the two SATA HDD's (one 1TB and one 3TB) to use those in the new computer.

        Alternatively, I could keep my old computer, using it as a sort of backup machine.

        As for games, I mostly play single player games. I would like to get into some multiplayer, maybe, but I'm unsure. To give you an example, I'm currently replaying the Resident Evil 2 remake on PS4. On my brother's laptop, I was playing Subnautica: Below Zero, but I've decided to stop as it's still in early access and I don't want to spoil the game for myself anymore.

          No problem. Always good seeing people getting into PC hardware.

          Maybe keep the old pc for backups on the network until you have the budget for a nas. As long as it isn't to power-hungry.

          Yeah, I am the same with games these days. Only singleplayer apart from the odd round of sfv here and there. Wait until how Subnatica looks on the new pc!


    Did everyone know a certain Kickstarter that was promoted on Kotaku US and other sites like polygon has failed to deliver on any of its promises and the very same media that promoted it have been oddly silent?

    On a seperate note my favourite actor is Zoey Deschanel and Quin69 is the best NZ streamer.

      Alright then, which one is it? I think I failed to pick up your sly hints, if any, or my googlefu is shitting the bed today.

        He's talking about Zoe Quinn's kickstarter, which had an infeasibly low asking amount and barely scraped it through anyway.

        Not saying it isn't a problem, but $85K is pretty small fish for failed Kickstarter reporting. Games media signal boosts stuff all the time, it doesn't create some kind of obligation to give ongoing coverage in perpetuity. And to be blunt, a lot of the people arguing it's a grand media conspiracy are still umbilically attached to the desiccated corpse of Gamergate long after its death.

          Yeah,I think taking $85,000 and then just quietly abandoning the project is quite a problem, and one worthy of reporting given the profile of the person at the center of it.

            Naturally it matters to the backers involved, but on the whole $85K is tiny. KS projects fail all the time and that alone is rarely newsworthy, it's something every backer is aware of when they take the risk of backing a project.

            Kotaku has covered around 20 video game and tabletop kickstarters this past year, but they've only reported on three failures. It's not unique to this situation, it just takes more to make such a common occurrence worth covering. Of those three, two raised more than twice this much (Limit Theory, Mr Card Game) and the other had the company CEO take the money and flee the country, leaving the fallout to remaining staff (Solar City). They were covered because they were unusual, this one really isn't. Side note, all three were covered by AU writers, the US site doesn't seem to cover KS failures much at all.

            The person who organised the Kickstarter is the only reason anyone's remotely interested in it, and that's exactly the problem - they're not interested in sharing a story of unfortunate backers being screwed by a failed Kickstarter - if they were, there are much worse examples that got initial coverage from games media too in the last few years - they're interested in trying to kick up some dirt on a person they don't like.

              If they've reported on 3 other failures, it seems reasonable they would report on one that has been done by a well-known person in the industry, even if there are people who would relish her failure. Or does it mean every time something happens that will be celebrated by those on the 'wrong side' of an argument that it shouldn't be reported on?

                It's a spurious argument. The main reason she's well-known is because she was the victim of a prolonged campaign of harassment, much of which was based on false allegations. Writing articles that facilitate the continuation or renewal of that harassment for negligible public benefit violates the harm limitation principle, in my view.

                  So reporting on her as a known identity in the industry for her Kickstarter launch is OK, but when it fails, it's not OK to report on ... talk about spurious arguments.

                  @zombiejesus I don't know if it was reported on by Kotaku, it was reported by other outlets looking on Google, Eurogamer for one.

                  You act as if she is some innocent little flower petal who has never done anything wrong.

                  Criticism =/= Harassment.

                  @djbear It started after her ex wrote a blog post with false allegations of receiving media coverage in exchange for sex, something that was trivially easy to disprove. If you think the sexism, doxing, rape and death threats were mere criticism, your sense of proportionality is dangerously broken.

                  I've always found it sad that people always focused on the "reviews for sex" while ignoring the whole abuse and gaslighting side of things.
                  That relationship sounded like a nightmare.

    @alexwalker Some early results for the 3900X compared to an aging 7700K (I don't have anything more modern on hand to test against). These weren't scientific by any means, they were on a mature system with plenty of apps installed and no clean install between hardware changes, but it's a passable comparison. Not sure why the memory latency's so bad on the 3900X, I'll have to look further into that and see if I have something misconfigured.

    Cinebench R20:

      RAM speed makes a pretty big difference ... wonder if 3600Mhz would help. Probably a few BIOS updates needed as well, esp. with the lower memory latency improvements AMD was talking about a while back.

        I ran the 0702 BIOS update before running the test. Checked in the settings and the RAM is running at 3200MHz. I'll probably play with this and test lower speeds for lower timings and see which results in the best overall performance. The CPU should handle up to 3733 without crossing the fabric multiplier line so that shouldn't be a factor.

    Just restarting that chat above - this was literally the first I'd heard of the Kickstarter falling over, although @zombiejesus was right in that we covered them locally because the circumstances were odd. (Limit Theory, on the other hand, was something Logan and I both were deeply fascinated by, but I think that's just because we grew up with a lot of love for space games around the same era.)

    Talking more broadly, the main reason why you see a lot less Kickstarter coverage now is ... people simply don't care, even about the projects that go off. Plenty of people have been burned, and plenty of projects are just "meh", to the point where a lot of writers reasonably make the call that their time is better invested elsewhere in something that readers want to know about more. It's not a great way of putting it, but when you've got limited resources (particularly for the AU / UK sites compared to the size of the US team) you have make those kinds of calls.

    And, as I mentioned, they're super easy to make when the info passes by you entirely. We can't capture everything! (But tips help! DM me on Twitter or send me an email if you want to give me a quiet heads up about this stuff.)

      Fair enough. I can understand that Kickstarters probably don't really get many people excited anymore!

      Just to clarify.

      My comment wasn't an attack on Kotaku AUS and you guys specifically. You guys are awesome and produce great content. I was more commenting on the US publications.

        For sure! I got that. Just wanted to outlay where I was coming from, in the hope that it might answer some of the questions raised (primarily, why aren't people talking about this).

          No problem :)

          Thanks for the info Alex

    I’m buying a new monitor and was thinking of going ultrawide. Does anyone have one? If so, how do you find it supported / in general?

      I have one, someone asked about them in the last TAY and I made a kinda lengthy comment on them there (at the bottom). TLDR, I love them, they're well supported and when they're not you can always fall back to vertical black bars.

      In my own opinion, it was one of the best purchases I ever made. For productivity and crunching articles, data, reddit, etc I find it great. I think in an office type scenario it is great as well. I do payroll and admin for a couple of companies and I have found it a lot easier to view and process what I am looking at. But for me, it was an addition to my desktop that I have other screens attached as well which I think really helps.

      As for gaming, it is also great but I think that is more "if it's your thing" kind of deal. Support is there and there are still quite a few games that won't do the 21:9/32:9 aspect ratio well for older stuff but it is generally improving. There are some good community resources (which I have listed below for reference) but if you are looking at it for gaming then keep in mind that your hardware will have to push a lot more. Higher resolutions like 3440x1440 and upwards. You will typically want to up the field of view as well for ultrawide. Then with the newer type ultrawide screens, they can also do higher refresh rates so the need to push more fps. But that can be improved with freesynch/gsynch. Youtube also has been supporting 21:9 aspect ratios which are excellent. I find the immersion factor is great for gaming but I am playing games less and less on my main monitor and more couch gaming.

      For me, it has been an "I can never go back" situation. I am to use it. My next step will be a CHG90 or something similar. I love that screen.

    Hey, I am wondering if anyone can help me out here.
    I'm playing the division 2 on xbone and am trying to start one of the main missions but when i try to matchmake it won't find anyone. Which would be fine, but it seems i can't start it at all solo? Does anyone know if this is the case?

      What happens when you try to walk into the mission area like you normally would when doing a mission solo?

      Does it kick you out or something? It should just play the mission normally.

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