Tetris Effect Is An Epic Games Exclusive

Tetris Effect Is An Epic Games Exclusive

I’m just glad it’s coming to PC at all.

If you’ve wanted the transcendental experience that is Tetris Effect, or you want to play it in VR but you don’t own a PS4 or PSVR, good news. It’s launching on PC — via the Epic Games Store — and will have support for desktop player,s but also the Oculus Rift (Touch and Remote), HTC Vive and its accompanying controllers.

For PC specific features, you’ll also get uncapped resolution and framerates if you want, extra particle effects and textures, ultrawide monitor support, and bonus graphical options for VR users that weren’t part of the original PS4 release.

Best part: Tetris Effect launches next week on July 23 internationally. It’ll retail for $US40 (or $US32 as a pre-order bonus), and it’s only on the Epic Games Store at this stage. But at least a wider audience is getting the ability to enjoy Tetris Effect, especially the higher end VR headsets. Tetris Effect is still one of the best games anyone can play on the PSVR, so Rift and Vive owners are in for a real treat.

The Long Journey To The Fantastic Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect is the next game from Enhance, the game studio run by Tetsuya Mizuguchi that created Rez Infinite and Lumines Remastered.

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Tetris Effect Has An Amazing Throwback Game Boy Level

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    • Yeah, I agree about the price. That is $57 at the current exchange rate. I’m usually reluctant to spend that much on any game let alone Tetris.

  • Another hostage taken by Epic in the name of “competition” and “betterment of storefronts” while still charging the same prices to consumers instead of passing on the benefits of a smaller revenue share. I really hope that Epic pulls their head out this year otherwise we’re most likely going to see more negative repercussions from their actions.

    But hey, it’s really all just about not wanting to install another client right?

    • Last I heard, the soundtrack was taking a while because none of the songs in the game exist in a simple linear format that would be necessary for them to work as digital music files. Apparently every song needs to be remixed to work on the soundtrack.

      The same issue plagued the Rez soundtrack, too, which is why the songs on the soundtrack sound very different to the versions used in-game.

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