The Best One Piece Cosplayers In The World

The Best One Piece Cosplayers In The World
Photo: <a href="">One Piece Cosplay King</a>

Twenty finalists have been announced in the One Piece Cosplay King Grand Prix. You will probably be hard pressed to find better One Piece cosplayers! They don’t get much better than this.

Finalists were selected from an open applicant call. According to Animage Plus, there were over 4,300 entrants from 56 countries. There were different semi-final rounds, before reaching the top-twenty final round.

The contest is being run through the World Cosplay Summit, which is asking Twitter users to decide their favourite.

So, which one do you like best?


  • So when these articles are posted, is there meant to be images embed or am I meant to follow the twitter pic URL?

    Also I’d love for the tweets to be translated so we know what they’re actually saying.

    Doesn’t Brian live in japan or something, surely he could give a run down of each tweet?

    • Oh I see why the images don’t show, adblocker is stopping them.
      So I can either have the images show, and then deal with slow site performance, or I can just click on the links to see the images and the site run fine.

      • I don’t have an ad blocker and more often than not the tweets/pics won’t load properly either.
        No idea why.

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