The Inevitable Dead Or Alive 6 Swimsuit DLC Is Here

The Inevitable Dead Or Alive 6 Swimsuit DLC Is Here

It’s been nearly five months since the release of Dead or Alive 6. Five months full of solid fighting with few distractions outside of some crossover characters and pirate and wedding costumes. Enough of that. Bring on the swimsuits.

The first instalment of Dead or Alive 6‘s second season of downloadable content is called Seaside Eden. It includes a free island paradise stage, complete with a volleyball net and a hilarious dolphin hazard. Players keen on paying can acquire swimsuits and accessories for 26 characters, enough to turn a respectable fighting tournament into a tawdry display worthy of the smuttier side of Dead or Alive‘s name.

The swimsuits and scenery are the first part of the second Dead or Alive 6 season pass, which will eventually include 72 costumes and an additional playable character.


  • >All the men and women have swimsuit outfits.
    Something for everyone, everybody wins!

    • Nope, there are no skinny (ie attractive) men. All the women are thin, yet all the men have to be muscular for some reason? Gross. Even though the women don’t have to be muscular to compete against them? Real MMA fighting women are ripped. Disappointing that they clearly only focus on one gender’s bodies in the game.

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