The Internet Reacts To Overwatch’s Sigma (And His Feet)

The Internet Reacts To Overwatch’s Sigma (And His Feet)
Screenshot: Blizzard

So the new Overwatch character is a scientist? And he got feet?

The fact that Sigma, the new mad scientist of Overwatch, is not wearing shoes did not escape anyone’s notice. In fact, the internet is talking about it a lot. Meanwhile, a Blizzard character artist’s explanation that Sigma is barefoot to “sell the ‘asylum’ look” answers absolutely zero questions.

There are plenty of other jokes to make about Sigma, and the internet has made them. Observe:

Here’s one thing we’ve learned: if you wanna join the evil organisation of Talon, you better have stupid shoes or zero shoes. I don’t make the rules.


  • My favourite reactions have been from the people doing mental backflips to find this character offensive.

    The best one so far is that its offensive that this character came from an asylum and is a villain. Because god forbid a villain be mentally ill.

  • >people have already decided he’s gay and are offended if you ship him with a female (in this case, someone they’ve also decided is gay)
    what is wrong with these people

    all I’ve heard so far is either “holy shit this guy looks cool” or “why isn’t it a black woman” although he’s actually the first white male since release so I’d like to think that shows some restraint or something

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