The Little Mermaid Remake Catches A Fish And A Seagull

Things seem to be heating up under the sea. Days after news broke that Melissa McCarthy may be cast in Disney’s upcoming The Little Mermaid remake, two more actors are in talks to join Ariel on her adventure.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Jacob Tremblay and Awkwafina may be joining the musical from director Rob Marshall. Tremblay, best known for his Oscar-nominated work in Room, would lend his voice to Flounder the fish. Awkwafina, best known for roles in Crazy Rich Asians and Oceans 8, would voice Scuttle the seagull.

Both choices are so on the nose you can almost hear the actors as the characters in your head. Tremblay with his soft-spoken, sweet voice as Ariel’s innocent best friend, and Awkwafina, with her bubbly, raspy voice, as the silly, know-it-all bird.

They’re smaller roles, though, so they still don’t give us many ideas of what’s in store for this sure-to-be overanalysed film.

Fans will start to get an idea once Ariel is cast, of course, as well as Prince Eric and especially Sebastian the lobster, who plays not just a crucial role in the story, but in the music too.

Rob Marshall’s Little Mermaid remake does not yet have a release date.


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