The New Lego Ideas Treehouse Includes Over 180 Plant-Based Bricks

The New Lego Ideas Treehouse Includes Over 180 Plant-Based Bricks

Last year The Lego Group started making flowers, trees, and shrubs out of plant-based polyethylene using sustainably sourced sugarcane. I can’t imagine a better use for all of those plant plastic plants than this beautiful, 14-inch tall Lego Ideas Treehouse set.

Lego Ideas is a program that allows fan designers to submit their own unique Lego builds for consideration as retail sets. Kevin Feeser from Nancy, France, submitted his idea for a Lego treehouse to the Lego Ideas website, more than 10,000 community members voted for it, and Lego officials picked it as the next Lego Ideas set to hit store shelves. It’s got a fancy box and everything.

One of the biggest Lego Ideas sets yet, the Treehouse set features more than 3000 Lego elements and retails for $US200 ($284). It’s 14 inches tall, 10 inches wide, and 9 inches deep. The build consists of a base, the trunk, and some rickety stairs leading up to three cabins packed with little Lego details. It also comes with two sets of leaves for the top — green for summer, yellow and brown for fall.

Editor’s Note: There’s currently no word on an Australian release.

Flip through the slideshow for images of the minifigures and tiny details that make the Lego Ideas Treehouse really sing.

I’m running out of room for constructed Lego sets in my home, but this is the sort of epic build that might see a few of my older favourites broken down to make room.

I can almost smell the fresh plastic air.


  • Closet thing we will get when LEGO was actually interesting; gone are the days of Space, Castle and Pirate themed fun… should do what they did with the retro consoles and bring back the classics I say!!

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