This VFX Reel Shows How Next Level Avengers: Endgame's Hulk Really Was

What a good Hulk. (Image: Marvel Studios)

Smart Hulk is a good Hulk, and not just because he’s narratively fun. He’s also visually stunning, the culmination of a decade of Hulk technology. Marvel’s Hulk powers have never been so extensive.

This VFX reel, courtesy of CG Record, is a visual record of that fantastic technology. We’ve talked to ILM about their Hulk-creating powers before, and this is a great companion to that read. Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk here is both unrecognisable and entirely recognisable. It’s a level of transformation that still stuns me when I think too hard about it.

Now if only those artists got to put these skills to work in a Hulk solo movie, I’d be happy.


    Alas a solo Hulk movie isn't likely to happen so long as Universal continue to hold the distribution rights for said movie.

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