This Week In Games: Time For Your Dr. Mario Pills

Does Dr. Mario give out doctor's certificates the same way he pushes pills?

I can't imagine Mario would have his medical license for very long, either way. Dr. Mario World is probably the highest profile game of the week, which is a reminder that it's still July and most of the big releases are taking a break. But there's some odds and ends that are worth checking out in places: the Lovecraftian The Sinking City gets a physical console release in stores, having hit the Epic Games Store last week, the Switch gets some Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 love, and there's a follow-up to the excellent Dragon Quest Builders on PS4 and Switch.

On top of that, there's a suite of smaller indies that look a bit different. SolSeraph and Spy Tactics in particular look sweet. Here's what's out this week:

  • Dr Mario World (Android, iOS)
  • Monster Jam: Steel Titan (PS4, XBO)
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (Switch)
  • The Sinking City (PS4, XBO, PC)
  • Dragon Quest Builders 2 (PS4, Switch)
  • God Eater 3 (Switch)
  • Grass Cutter - Mutated Lawns (XBO)
  • Doughlings: Invasion (XBO)
  • Aggelos (XBO)
  • Streets of Rogue (XBO)
  • Arcade Simulator (PC)
  • We Become What We Behold (PC)
  • Adventures of Isabelle Fine: Murder on Rails (PC)
  • Space Warfare (PC)
  • Boom Boom Bovine (PC)
  • Ascend (PC)
  • SolSeraph (PC)
  • Godhood (PC)
  • Blazing Chrome (PC)
  • Exile of the Gods (PC)
  • Eagle Island (PC)
  • Boon Boon (PC)
  • Notes (PC)
  • Spy Tactics (PC)

Onto the trailers! Let's start with that reminder of how Dr. Mario World works.

See anything you like?


    How is Mario allowed to use drugs and not end up with an M15 or R rating in Australia? They have refused games classification for less... double standards.

    Mario looks like he's saying "Good-a news. It's a suppository!"

    For me though it's DQB 2 all the way this week. Absolutely loved the first game so I'm keen to see what improvements they've made.

      Could be worse... could be a blue shell.

      Now I know it's out I am kicking myself. I really enjoyed the first one and the second one has multiplayer

    Dragons Quest Builders 2 just might jump ahead to the front of my backlist line.

    Poor Resident Evil and Hitman 2 can't do much but argue with the bouncer that they were supposed to be next while he shrugs.

    Fairly sure Xenoverse 2 on Switch came out quite a while ago?

    Also hoping SolSeraph turns out good, I've had so many people over the years say ActRaiser is worth playing but I've never gotten around to it.

    Last edited 08/07/19 11:41 am

      Retail release this week.

        No, I think I've figured it out. It was released physically on cartridge for Switch some time ago, this seems to be a digital code only re-release into stores at a cheaper price point.

          This is spot on. I've had Xenoverse 2 on Switch for ages haha

    So they're coming out sometime this week? No actual dates for when this week?

      Which game, or all of them? We've never traditionally put release dates on each game, only because it would literally mean this would be the only post we get out on a Monday.

      But if you want to know one or two in particular, I can give you that answer fairly quickly.

        nah all good, I just googled the ones I was interested in to find out their actual release dates this week.
        Just find it odd to have a list of games releasing this week, and then not have dates on them.
        Also this was probably the first time I've looked at this list without knowing the release dates of games I was interested in.

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