This Week In Games: A Gloomy Warlock Haven

This Week In Games: A Gloomy Warlock Haven

It’s not Fire Emblem week just yet, but at least we’ve still got Black Widow and Thanos to break our hearts.

Both are a part of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, which hits the Switch this Friday. The third-person co-op action brawler is the headline game of the week, although nobody knows if it’ll have classic Atari games baked inside like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 did.

Tabletop fans should pay attention this week too though, because the digital recreation of Gloomhaven comes out of early access. We don’t usually feature early access titles here, but … it’s Gloomhaven, possibly one of the biggest crowdfunded games in tabletop history. That’s kind of a special moment. The excellent noir indie Night Call also drops this week, but only on PC.

Here’s the scoreboard:

  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (Switch)
  • Cities Skylines (Switch)
  • LOST ORBIT: Terminal Velocity (Switch, XBO)
  • Initial2: New Stage (XBO)
  • Welcome to Hanwell (XBO)
  • Pawarumi (XBO)
  • Gloomhaven (PC)
  • Distrust (Switch)
  • Archlion Saga (Switch)
  • Hyperlight Ultimate (Switch)
  • Etherborn (PC, Switch)
  • Redeemed Enhanced Edition (Switch)
  • Astro Bears (Switch)
  • Night Call (PC)
  • Warlocks 2: God Slayers (PC)
  • Ravenland (PC)
  • FIA European Truck Racing Championship (PC)
  • Nowhere Prophet (PC)
  • Horace (PC)
  • Let’s Sing 2019 (PC)
  • Killsquad (PC)

Onto the trailers! We’ll kick off with Killsquad, a co-op ARPG that’s targeting the Last of Exile crowd with a bit of a Warframe aesthetic.

Marvel obviously will be a highlight for fans of the older games, but Gloomhaven and Night Call stand out to me this week. I’m also super intrigued by Killsquad and Warlocks 2: God Slayers; the latter in particular has a fantastic aesthetic, and the co-op functionality could be a lot of fun.

See anything you like this week?


      • Ok mystery solved. I have Astro bears party, which is being upgraded to Astro bears
        Apparently I’ll get the new content for free which is pretty cool, although have to upgrade within a month for anybody else in the same boat

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