Here’s The Top Gun: Maverick Trailer

Here’s The Top Gun: Maverick Trailer

Two things immediately stand out: Tom Cruise is ripped, and Top Gun doesn’t seem as funny anymore.

A trailer for the revival of the Top Gun series, Top Gun: Maverick, dropped online Friday morning to coincide with the opening of San Diego Comic Con. It sets up Maverick (Tom Cruise) as a “dying breed”, the kind of character that’s being slowly phased out somehow.

All of that makes for less laughs, basically. There’s no one-liners or jokes in the Maverick trailer, but there are a ton of planes, and some nice set shots going through some snowy peaks.

It’s not related to Top Gun, but the trailer has made me start thinking about that Microsoft Flight Simulator reveal at E3. When’s that coming out again?

Top Gun: Maverick, on the other hand, will be launching worldwide in 2020. Let’s hope it turns out as good as the last Mission Impossible.

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          • Either you have better access to my memories than I do, or you’re just being a dick for the lols.

            On the off chance that it’s the former, I’ve been trying to remember the name of my fifth grade teacher for a while now and it would be great if you could help me out with that.

          • I was trying to infer the movie will more than likely be similar to the first one. Like how all the Expendables movies are the the same as each other.

            Not trying to be rude.

    • Perhaps because there are still 50% more Super Hornets in active service in the US Navy than both Raptors and Lightning IIs combined?

      Or maybe it’s due to the fact that the US Navy continues to order new Super Hornets, including over 100 in the last 12 months alone, while there hasn’t been a new Raptor sold since 2012?

    • Raptors aren’t carrier based.
      There’s only one squadron of Lightning II’s in the navy and the Top Gun/NSAWC school isn’t one of them (they fly F/A-18’s and F-16’s)

      Even if the above wasn’t true, it’s would likely be a thematic choice to use the Super Hornet as it represents one of the ‘dying breeds’ that will be replaced by the newer craft.

      • Might also be partly to do with the involvement of the US Navy in making the movie ie providing the planes and pilots, allowing cameras to be put inside some of the planes etc. They might be more reluctant to do that with their latest cutting edge stuff than they would be with older equipment that probably doesn’t have too many secrets left at this point. The F14 certainly wasn’t exactly new when they filmed the original movie, either.

        • plausible and might have played a part in the decision.. though David Ellison said pretty early on it was going to be about “the end of the dogfighting era”, so I think it was always going to be F/A18’s

  • Don’t remember Top Gun being all that funny to begin with, it was light hearted but it still had serious tones Goose the only thing that made it less serious was Maverick attitude.

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