Total War Community Manager Calls YouTuber A ‘Dickhead’ On Final Livestream

Total War Community Manager Calls YouTuber A ‘Dickhead’ On Final Livestream
Michael “Wheels” Whelan (left) on his final<em> Total War</em> Twitch stream. (Screenshot: Creative Assembly, <a href="">Twitch</a>)

In his final public act as community manager for Creative Assembly, makers of the Total War strategy game series, Michael “Wheels” Whelan said this at the end of a livestream earlier this week: “Arch Warhammer is a dickhead. Goodbye.”

Arch Warhammer, a gaming YouTuber who focuses mainly on Warhammer lore, has also been vocal in the Total War community over the years.

Most recently, he criticised Creative Assembly for seeming to remove a mod from Steam that replaced character portraits with hypersexualised women. In a video responding to the mod’s removal, he accused Creative Assembly of a conspiracy to censor fan mods that sexualise women because of the supposed influence of SJWs.

“The Reason Why CA Hates Sexy Women REVEALED!” reads the title of Arch Warhammer’s July 9 video. In it, he specifically called out one of the studio’s female moderators who had previously criticised a mod for Total War: Three Kingdoms that contained sexualised portraits of the women heroes on the game’s subreddit.

“The lead of the community team Grace has had her fee-fees hurt. Oh god, oh Jesus no, the humanity, how could this have happened,” he said sarcastically, before suggesting toward the end of the video that Creative Assembly is run by “cuck beta leftists”.

ImageSteam)” loading=”lazy” > A sample image from the character portrait mod that was removed from Steam. (Screenshot: Steam)

There’s no public information available that suggests that the community moderator mentioned in this video had anything to do with the recent sex mod being removed from Steam. Creative Assembly did not respond to Kotaku’s request for comment about the situation.

Last night, the studio put out a statement apologising for Michael Whelan’s comment. “Earlier this week, a statement was made by a member of our team on a livestream that was not up to our personal or professional standards,” Creative Assembly said. “It did not reflect the views of the studio. We apologise for any hurt or harm caused.”

“A CA community manager called me a naughty word, I found this to be hilarious and made a video laughing about the whole thing but clearly a lot of people found the comment to be a bit to much on an official CA stream,” Arch told Kotaku in an email. “This has now resulted in CA making an official apology, one I didn’t ask for but one I am happy to receive.”


    • He also uses racist slurs and is vocally against seeing women commanders in TW games. He also makes lore videos that are hugely inaccurate because he injects his particular political spin into it. He’s a source of constant frustration amongst other TW youtubers because Creative Assembly refuses to do anything about him, presumably due to his channel’s popularity. Frankly, calling him a dickhead was being exceedingly polite.

        • Nobody’s free to make his kind of game videos, they require permission from the copyright owner. But I was referring to the fact he’s in (or at least was in, last I checked) the partnership program with CA, which gives him prerelease access to games, access to the creator discord, and invitations to events that CA hosts.

          • Technically you need permission, yes, but 99% percent of publishers don’t actually care. If it was enforced, most of YouTube’s gaming videos would be gone overnight and the internet would shit it’s pants pretty hard.

            As for him being in the partnership program – yes, they could absolutely and probably should kick him from that from what I have read here.

          • they could absolutely and probably should kick him from that from what I have read here

            alternatively you could watch some of his videos with adblock on and decide for yourself.

            Zombie Jesus makes a point of complaining about his lore videos being “injected with politics”, is it ironic that the politics he is referring to is not his politics which is the entire reason for all these articles and zombie jesus having a sore ass.

            I have never seen an Archwarhammer video but i have seen this tune before, a nuanced 10 minute lecture on thoughts about female commanders in TW turns into “vocally against women” etc. I might be wrong but in my experience if Zombie Jesus and games journalists have a fatwa out on someone yet the company in this case CA has a partnership with them, then the accusations are made up of bullshit, strawmanning and selective out of context quote mining. It is worth listening to his actual videos if your interested in Warhammer or the Total War series.

            oh i forgot one tactic, clear jokes being repeated or quoted as though they are factual statements of beliefs.

          • Have another read of what I said – his content is inaccurate because he injects his politics into it. It has nothing to do with what his politics are, it has to do with the fact he’s spreading factually false descriptions of lore.

          • If i trusted you at all i would take your word for it the only video of his i have seen was the one dunking on this article.

            i don’t like his voice and mannerisms so i won’t be watching his other content and therefore i don’t need to worry if he is ruining warhammer lore with his politics it’s not like you leftists ruin shit all the time by inserting your politics into it… oh wait that shit happens nearly once every week now.

  • Disagree with the mod being removed.

    But his response was equally stupid. Could have kept a level head and came out looking the better person and instead went full edgelord.

    Both of them belong with each other in a love hate relationship.

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    • Lot of people figure that commenting only makes a situation worse, and it’s always easier to say nothing than to acknowledge something.

    • @alexwalker

      In interests of telling Kotaku readers the truth i will also respond. Alex is by far the best and most honest writer on this website so his response is legit, however other writers are not and they do several underhanded things regularly.

      “Asked X for comment” can mean several different things, send email asking for comment then 30 minutes later publish article saying you got no response this one is particularly rude when they also frame the article in a manner to make it look like the person is hiding something by refusing to respond. In this case i believe ArchWarhammer found out he had been asked for comment by reading this article people had tweeted at him. This seems to be a deliberate tactic employed by some Kotaku writers when they want to strawman someone and want and excuse for not printing both sides or the story.

      The other reason people don’t respond is because they have been burned before or warned not to by people who have been burned before, responding with a detailed account of what happened including context etc gets printed as “x says it was just a joke” which makes them sound like a complete asshole since the surrounding context is not provided. Also youtubers whether they be in the political sphere or gaming/tech sphere are very distrustful of their mainstream counterparts because they are often the target of jealousy and hit pieces that seem to be aimed at taking revenge against them for being more popular and successful.

      To my knowledge none of this applies to Alex and i also tagged him in the hopes that he can prevent the inevitable yeeting of this comment by the bias moderation team. Your best bet is in future is to completely ignore “approached X for comment” since you don’t know if it is being used as a device to frame the narrative in a certain way or if it was a legitimate attempt at getting as response.

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