What Actually Being Good At A Game Looks Like

What Actually Being Good At A Game Looks Like

People often claim that they’re good at video games. This is what actually being good looks like.

Devil May Cry 5 came back with a bang earlier this year, and like the original games there’s a lot of variance in just how good you can be at the game. You can flail your way through the game, buttoning mashing, and generally get through to the end without coming close to mastering anything.

But if you’re actually good at the game, there’s so much more that can be done. Below you’ll see a video of the final fight between Dante and Vergil done on SSS rank, without taking a single hit of damage. It’s all thanks to the Royal Guard stance, and a string of perfectly timed blocks. A perfect Royal Guard block uses none of your Devil Trigger meter. On top of that, a perfect Royal Guard release will do enormous amounts of damage while launching the enemy into the air for follow-up attacks, which is what you’ll see in the video below.

It’s tough as hell to do in practice, because there’s not much window between a perfect block/release and an imperfect one. But it’s sure as hell entrancing to watch in motion. Almost makes me want to go back and revisit the game, although the New Game+ mode won’t let you play as Dante throughout the whole game, unfortunately.

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  • This is far beyond ‘good’. I’m ‘good’ in the sense I can pick up most games and be relatively good at it within 10 minutes whatever the genre, but this is masterful. Dedicating yourself to learning every minute system of a game and putting that knowledge to use using skill and dedication. That’s how you master a game, same as anything else.

  • Royal Guarding Vergil is actually the easiest way to cheese it.
    I would be much more impressed if they DIDN’T use RG against him and still got SSS.

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