What Are You Playing This Weekend

star wars outer rim what are you playing this weekend

Finally. My year-long quest to actually play Gaia Project is coming to an end.

Organising to play massive board games — your 4Xes, the Euro-strategy games and such — is a massive pain in the arse. You almost always end up with a group that's too large for the game you want to play, and so you have to play something else that supports more players.

But not this weekend. That's finally coming to an end. It's Big Board Game Day.

Star Wars: Outer Rim: The Kotaku Review

When I was a kid, I had a dream video game. It was basically “Wing Commander: Privateer”, only bigger, and it was set in the Star Wars universe. I’m still waiting on the video game, but Fantasy Flight have this year delivered much the same experience, only in board game form.

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Another chunker of a board game that I've been sitting on is Star Wars: Outer Rim, a Fantasy Flight game that's right up the alley of everyone who's playing. I'm in two minds about whether to bust this out, or to give the universally beloved Root a go instead. The sci-fi themes do fit in with a tabletop RPG our group has been playing, though.

I've Fallen In Love With Building A Cyberpunk RPG World

Recently, I've been going through a process of kicking off a cyberpunk RPG campaign with some friends. But unlike your standard D&D campaign, where the players' involvement in world building is primarily through their character, this campaign has forced the entire group to shell out what our world looks like. It's been a wonderful, refreshing change.

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So with that, along with a regular D&D 5th Edition session with another group on Sunday, that's what's on the cards for my weekend. What about yours?


    That Han Solo almost looks like young Chevy Chase

      Now that you say that, Chevy Chase would have made a great 'Han' in Spaceballs.

    Hoping to get properly stuck into Sinking City this weekend - only a couple of hours in and loving the atmosphere... hmm... I really should get around to reading Shadow over Innsmouth one of these days...

    I think I'm finally into the home stretch of Red Dead Redemption 2, so I'm going to try to finish that off.

      I finished it a few weeks ago, and thought I was a bit late to the party, feeling bad for falling off it early after release. Great game, savour it.

      Last edited 12/07/19 1:26 pm

        Certainly beautifully made, production values are top notch. Drags on a bit too long, though, as most AAA games seem to insist on doing these days.

          Oh, it has no respect for your time. A lot of the gameplay mechanics are indicative of that, not the mention the epic story/prologue. I think that's why I fell off it first time through... I needed to treat it as your sole source of entertainment for two or three weeks, succumb to it.

    Stellaris console edition, I finally have enough fleet power to kick the shit out of the awakened empire that made me there subject150 years ago.

    Will try to hit the Switch hard to clean up a few titles I've got going:
    Mario Maker 2
    Mario and Rabbids DLC
    New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe
    Pokemon Let's Go
    Bayonetta 2

    Probably try to get through Mass Effect: Andromeda (really enjoyed it so far). Then move onto the first Dragon Quest Builders.

    Lots of kill team building and painting. I have my sons of Sigi to finish building and painting, two boxes of bloodletters in preparation for white dwarf, then finally my last bit of work on my custom board.

    Also picked up RE6 for some horrible coop with a mate and a return to MW:O.

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