What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It's still cold as buggery in Sydney for some reason, which is excuse enough to make a big pot of tea and sit in front of some video games.

In between benchmarking this week, I started working my way through Warlocks 2: God Slayers, an unusual indie co-op action RPG. I'm not far enough through the game to say anything meaningful as of yet, although the pixel art aesthetic with a little bit of cyberpunk is kind of sweet.

Another game I'm keen to check out is Killsquad, a Diablo-esque isometric ARPG that's starting to pick up on the Steam charts. Gloomhaven has been sitting on my list as well, but there's only so much time in a day.

Beyond that a bit of cooking, annoying the local street cats and enjoying a bit of zataar pizza should round the weekend off nicely.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Ultimate Alliance 3 and more Mario Maker for me, with a dash of Overwatch if time allows.

    I'm test riding new motorcycles and probably playing Cities Skylines for a bit. That poop computer article has me inspired.

    Euro Truck Simulator 2. I've got some goods to haul from Iceland to Vienna.

      Do they actually tell you what you're hauling in that game, or are you on a need to know basis?

        Yeah you can see the job when you take it, but I don't pay a lot of attention to it.

    FF XIV. Have the trial atm so levelling jobs to 35 before I spring for a sub.

    Only rub is I just noticed my server went from Preferred to Normal, so have 90 days before I lose my 100% bonus XP.

    Other than that, hoping a new SNES PSU comes in the mail today so I can mess with my SD2SNES Pro.

      huh I didn't realise they revised the list, although the unofficial AU server is still marked as congested haha


        Yeah, Kujata just went from Preferred to Standard. There's talk that Ramuh will become the third Oceania overflow.

          interesting if that happens, there was a small community of Oceania players also on Typhon a year ago, not sure if they are still around. I only resubbed at the end of June so I haven't kept up with where people are flocking to

    Persona 3/4/5 Dancing games.


    God Eater 3, Let’s Go Pikachu and Dragon Quest Builders 2. And an escape room!

    EDF! EDF! EDF!
    (yeah I've been bingeing EDF5 since its surprise PC release on Steam last weekend)

    Final Fantasy XIV. Need to check out the new raid (and beat it up for shiny loot).

    Replaying Borderlands 2. Just finished the main game, and never got through Tiny Tina’a DLC. So that, then Fight For Sanctuary.

    It’s like an old friend at this point.

    Might even take my Zer0 into TVHM if I finish them both before BL3.

    Will be continuing through "Layers if fear 2" not as thrilled with it as the first one. There are several gameplay and technical short comings.

    Final Fantasy VII on my Switch. Finally, after 20 years and four different platforms, I have left Midgar.

      I'm a little jealous.

      I know what you have to look forward to, all the best

    Back from OS , finished Brothers on Switch on the flight(s) which was a
    Great plane game IMO

    I'm starting a new character in elder scrolls: morrowind. (not ESO)

    My plan is the play a levitating, thieving Dunmer. I'll play with sound effects through the tv but on my stereo i'll be listening to dungeon synth the whole time... no Burzum.

    Finally dived into Divinity: Original Sin 2. No doubt will lose my weekend to constantly doubting every character/squad build I make. Sometimes I think I'm too indecisive for RPGs.

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