What Are You Playing This Weekend?

To the surprise of no-one, there will be some firing going on in my household this weekend.

Case in point. Tegan and I were on the train this morning, and she turned and asked: "Can I hotspot from my phone?" She was already downloading Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and she'll probably be playing it by the end of the day. And can anyone blame her? It's the first time the series has gotten proper billing on a console that you can plug into your TV, which is where Fire Emblem's drama has always belonged.

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There's a lot more to do on the weekend as well. I've been tossing up between spending some time with Wolfenstein: Youngblood, but I don't have a code so I'm in two minds on whether to pull the trigger. Another alternative is Vane, a Japanese indie game that dropped on Steam earlier this week. It's about a bird that gets transformed into a small child, and you get to play as both over the course of the game.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Revisiting L.A. Noire on the Pro. I loved this when it launched in 2011 however had a newborn at the time so my memory of it is a little fuzzy. A bit of Hardboiled dectective action (with a glass of whiskey within reach IRL).

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    Me and the miss got a free 3 days so we're considering jumping back into WoW on Blizzard's behalf.

    Subnautica. I'm going to finish finding all the plants and then hatch some cuddlefish :)

    Well I finally got sekiro, and I'm taking my lumps like the god damn masochistic FromSoft fanatic I am.
    When anyone asks me what I'm doing i just keep telling them in a Homer voice
    I'm a ninja marge! Look! I'm a ninja!
    I don't know what is compelling me to do so

    I'm going to damn well finish ME: Andromeda this weekend. After that, I might play pile of shame Wheel of Fortune to see what's next.

      How is ME these days? Did they clean up most of the launch issues in the end? Was considering giving it another go but it's fallen down the backlog over the years.

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        Can't comment on how it compared to launch as I picked it up on sale after all of the unpleasantness ;) But I really enjoyed my experience with it. Loved the art style, performance on OG PS4 was very good for the most part and had some very epic moments which I really liked. I quite enjoyed the story, didn't have to think too much and felt like a long Star Trek episode. Gunplay was really fun and comparable to a 3rd person Destiny.
        All in all, it was well worth the $7 or so I paid for it, and I'm a bit disappointed it copped such flak as I would have enjoyed some DLC.

      Just finished ME: Andromeda! Yay! That was a really cool game. Ahhh, now what next.

    I'm still going to play Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled and although I've already collected all those Nitro points and unlocked those rewards I'm still playing against friends from around the world online until the Nitro Tour Grand Prix finishes on Sunday. Because what I really want is the Champion Kart along with the Signature decal simply by finishing in the top 5% until the Nitro Tour Grand Prix finishes on Sunday and before the next Grand Prix Back N. Time starts next month and right before the Spyro Grand Prix starts in September to celebrate the release of Spyro Reignited Trilogy coming to the Nintendo Switch in September which is what I'm going to be getting when it comes out on September 3 later this year.

    I'm about 10 hours into Assassin's Creed III Remastered. Yea it's a little slow to begin with, but I'm enjoying it overall.

    Totally not going to binge a whole lot of EDF5 again
    …oh look they just released the first mission pack DLC on Steam!

    FF 14. Been meaning to give it a try for ages, and after a bit of time with the free trial am going to go for the full game.

    If I find much time I'll try to get through some Switch backlog. I'm back onto my Golf Story playthrough lately, up to the Tidy "toff" course, a lot of fun.

      Geez I love that game, the humour, artstyle, the music, the gameplay ... has it all. I really hope they make another sport themed 'Story' game.

    I somehow found myself playing Dauntless during the week, so maybe more of that over the weekend.

    Also I have some cool Mario Maker level ideas I need to hash out.

    Splitting my time between FF XIV, Path of Exile, and Fire Emblem.

    Grinding to platinum Bloodborne and Ni No Kuni 2. Just picked up Banner Saga 3 on sale and cant wait to make a minor mistake that kills a super important character that ive come to care deeply about over the course of the trilogy.

    Will start FE:3 Houses. Got it today but was home too late to get into it.

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