When City-Builders Meet Mario Galaxy

Not too long after Islanders, there’s another peaceful, cute-as-hell city-builder on the way, only this times things are on a more planetary scale. This is Before We Leave, “a non-violent city building game set in your own cosy corner of the universe.”

“Rediscover and rebuild civilisation”, the game’s official description continues. “Create a multi-planet resource network. Overcome ancient challenges and fend off hungry space whales.” I’m always down for space whales, but the multi-planet stuff (which you can see at the end of this trailer) looks especially cool. As does the art and world design. Spherical hexes! Very nice.

There’s a closed alpha starting soon on PC.


    That looks charming as hell.
    Now use that exact engine, but give me god powers, let me trample unbelievers, and call it Populous

    Will be interesting to see if this is any good, other games of this kind (the universim), witch was backed from it's original creation have sort of not gone the way they were supposed to from their original description.

    suddenly less disappointed about the Hexatrains Kickstarter

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