26 Years Later, Here's A Deleted Scene From The Super Mario Bros. Movie

As terrible as it was, the 1993 Mario Bros. movie has a cult following online, led by the dedicated team at SMBmovie.com, who have spent years cataloguing and uploading everything you’d ever want to know — and a lot of stuff you wouldn’t — about the film. In May, they hit paydirt: they got hold of an old VHS tape that contained deleted scenes from the movie.

The scenes are pretty rough, and were obviously never intended for public consumption, but regardless, they’re now out there (or about to be out there, since the site is sadly only releasing one scene at a time).

Here’s the first one from early on in the film, illustrating the competition between the Marios and Scapelli. There’s not that much to it, but it does give us a great catchphrase: “Nobody touches my tools”.

The site will be releasing more clips going forwards, and ultimately hope to restore the footage and re-release the film in a more complete version on blu-ray.


    Why would you don't this....

    We were content to leave this movie dead and buried in an unmarked grave deep in the forest, finally reaching a generation where it could be truely forgotten.
    Now you've dug it up so you could wave it around, just because you found a little hat to put in the corpse!

      Their journalists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should...

    It was still better than Cap Marvel.

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