7 Cyberpunk Games While You Wait For Cyberpunk 2077

7 Cyberpunk Games While You Wait For Cyberpunk 2077
Image: Devolver Digital

There’s plenty of cyberpunk games around, but the genre’s enjoyed another resurgence thanks to the interest around Keanu Reeves Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt Red’s ambitious shooter is the hottest thing on the internet still, but since the game won’t arrive until April 2020, here’s seven games with similar aesthetics, gameplay or storylines to whet your appetite until it arrives.

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Shadowrun: Hong Kong (2015)

Image: Paradox Interactive

One of the first successes for Harebrained Schemes and cyberpunk RPGs on Kickstarter, Shadowrun: Hong Kong stars the player and a team of Shadowrunners escaping from the Hong Kong Police Force and the cyberpunk slums ruled by corporations and demonic entitites. It’s a nice, bite-sized length campaign that’ll feature all sorts of characters from accountant vampires, demons, metadata merchants and mega corporations, all wrapped with the Eastern flavour.

It’s available on Steam for $28.95.

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And as an added bonus, you can also speed up the gameplay really easily with this handy tip.

The Red Strings Club (2018)

Image: Devolver Digital

A cyberpunk story where you play as a bartender who manipulates your clientele with cocktails, A Red Strings Club is a point-and-click game with a purpose. You’ll need to lie, manipulate and hack your way to the bottom of the conspiracy with a few clicks of your mouse. There are a few minigames sprinkled in for good measure but this is largely a narrative game, which thankfully doesn’t boggled down in boring dialogue.

Grab it on GOG for $14.99.

2064: Read Only Memories (2015)

Image: MidBoss, LLC., AGM PLAYISM

Set 13 years before Cyberpunk 2077, Read Only Memories stars a journalist in Neo San Francisco trying to track down a kidnapped friend. There are minor puzzles but for the most part, the game is an interactive graphic novel. With impressive voice work from the likes of The Walking Dead‘s Melissa Hutchinson, it’s definitely one worth your time.

It’s on Steam for $28.95.

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Dex (2015)

Image: Dreadlocks Ltd., Techland, WhisperGames

Another side-scrolling adventure, Dex drops you, a fugitive, in the fictional city of Harbor Prime. You’ve got to work to escape all the forces trying to stop you bringing down a corrupt system. Reviews on Steam are pretty positive for this one but you’ll have to ignore the poor fighting mechanisms.

Grab it for $4.38 on the Humble Store.

>observer_ (2017)

Image: Aspyr

Blending in some horror elements, the annoyingly titled >observer_, you play as an AI, or the ‘neural police’, to fight against corrupted citizens of 2084. A bit more on the expensive side but with impressive graphics and a unique storyline, this first-person adventure game offers a pretty intriguing alternative to the genre.

It’s going for $34 on GOG.

Hideo Kojima’s Snatcher (1988)

Image: Konami

Snatcher, a graphic adventure, has long been regarded as one of the best releases in cyberpunk for its cinematic ambitions and storyline, an impressive feat for 1988 game. It was Hideo Kojima’s second game after the first Metal Gear Solid and it still absolutely holds up. It’s a must-try before Cyberpunk is dropped, if you don’t mind the retro graphics.

It’s never been re-released but there are ways to play it…

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy (2011)

Image: Streum On Studio

Don’t expect to see neon aesthetics in this title as this first-person shooter opts for a darker imagining of a cyberpunk world filled with alien creatures. Your character will be torn between aligning with one of two warring factions in a futuristic dystopia. Not a bad pickup for under $20 but be warned, the learning curve is steep.

Grab it on Steam for $14.50.

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  • Why such variation between store links? Not like they’re the only place to get them. Console availability would have been neat too given 2077 gets a release there too (Pretty sure its just Dex and Observer btw).

    Also, where is Deus Ex? Thats arguably the closest comparison to 2077 if you don’t count The Witcher. On the more action-heavy side theres System Shock and Syndicate too.

    • I agree. FWIW I’m pretty sure Observer is on Game Pass (as is Deus Ex and Ruiner which has big cyberpunk overtones)

      • Overtones? Hell, Ruiner is straight-up textbook cyberpunk, no question. Just as much as Satellite Reign and other titles not on the list.

  • If you haven’t played The Red Strings Club yet it is damn good. This little write up doesn’t do it justice, to call them mini games is a bit insulting given how the gameplay elements are used, and the narrative is amazing.
    Highly recommended.

  • Ruiner should absolutely be on this list. It’s an absolute belter of a cyberpunk twin-stick shooter.

    Also it has a song by the legendary Susumu Hirasawa in it.

  • I’m really happy seeing Shadowrun on there, even if its the one I backed but hadn’t played since they apparently bjorked the deckrunning compared to the first two games, and my MC was always a Decker. The first two are some of my favourite isometric RPGs.

    • I mostly enjoyed the recent Shadowrun games, though I feel like they really suffered for the mobile-centric design decisions.

    • You aren’t wrong the amount of made up names for groups and factions alone gave me a headache in the first 15 minutes.

      Let alone the bad game play

      • I tried to play that ‘game’ several times since its launch, and all I can figure is that it’s meant to be a form of virtual tabletop for group roleplaying, rather than a ‘video game’; an elaborate form of half-life mod reminiscent of early quake mods.

    • An outstanding cyperpunk game that I cannot recommend enough for its storytelling, worldbuilding, and soundtrack.

      I’m pleased to report that it handles very well on the Switch, too. Very decent port.

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