Adidas’ Naruto Sneakers Are Looking Much Better

Adidas’ Naruto Sneakers Are Looking Much Better

Because the Dragon Ball line was trash, and the first shoe revealed for the company’s Naruto tribute similarly gross, my hopes for the rest of that line weren’t great! So imagine my surprise to see this very nice Kakashi Hatake sneaker get announced today via Sneaker News.

A problem with the Dragon Ball shoes was that none of the actual sneakers they were based on were any good. A problem with Adidas’ Game of Thrones line was that they were based on good sneakers (the Ultra Boost), but the wrong model (the blergh 4.0, not the much-better 1.0 or 2.0).

This Naruto shoe solves both of those issues, by surprisingly turning up on the Copa Ultra Boost silhouette, the same used on a couple of gorgeous Adidas x Kith collaborations.

Only here it’s in a lovely shade of blue (to match Kakashi’s outfit), with a suede finish replacing the usual straight leather appearance of these soccer/lifestyle crossovers. There’s Naruto branding in a few places, most notably some text on the midsole and a Leaf Village logo on the heel tab.

No word on a release date yet.


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