An Hour From Creature In The Well

An Hour From Creature In The Well
Image: Steam

What happens when you blend a platformer with … pinball?

Creature in the Well is at heart a dungeon crawler. But it’s mechanically a lot more. You’re manipulating small balls to trip towers and traps to work through rooms, but all of the puzzles and rooms are solved with pinball – and a little bit of tennis, in a way.

It’s reminiscent of a lot of games, while still being completely unique. The artstyle is great as well, although as Paul mentions in the (almost) hour long video, the game has some frustrating input issues. A small amount of RNG doesn’t help either, although you can see how all of that plays out below.

Creature in the Well looks fascinating. It’s one of those indie games that I wish there were more of, just because it’s such a fresh and unique spin on a lot of mechanics and ideas. I don’t want every game to be as left of field as this, but I’m sure as hell glad it exists.

Creature in the Well launches on September 6 globally through Steam, Xbox One and the Switch.


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