What Have We Done

What Have We Done
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Who is responsible for this crime against humanity.

This horrifying state of affairs was taken by a Kotaku Australia reader recently, whereby Angry Birds has transcended the art form of video games, merged into the world of film, and crossed back into real life through the form of … community theatre?

The Angry Birds stage show was a part of Ekka — the annual Royal Queensland Show — and according to the reader who took the snap, the female host was tired and lethargic, and Bomb was so cooked they “mostly just rotated around on the spot”.

With that in mind, let’s review the pitch for the show again:

Everyone’s favourite Angry Birds will take children on an adventure. The kids will follow Red and his two pals Bomb and Chuck, as they embark on a journey to find their place in the world – being true to themselves and living a peaceful life on Bird Island. With The Angry Birds Movie 2 hitting cinemas this September, there’s much hype surrounding these crazy characters, so their stage show is sure to be a hit.

Poor kids. They deserve better.


        • And yet there were more adults watching than kids…

          But to be fair, the show is just an excuse for a bunch of seats to be placed under some shade so that those who need to can drop their bags and chill out for a 1/2 hour. For some it’s a meeting place and for others a welcome reprieve. For those (presumably tourists) with camera’s, it’s an opportunity to show the kind of quality entertainment that is showcased in Australia.

    • Imagine standing in a full body suit for many hours a day and being expected to perform, with enthusiasm, in front of kids and a crowd who genuinely do not give a shit. Consider your energy levels and the literal sweat dripping down your face, over your chest, past your groin and into the recesses of your feet, and imagine trying to muster the effort to smile internally, as opposed to firing yourself into the sun

    • It’s like cooking grenades. After having to deal with noisy kids, obnoxious parents and the heat for so long, Bomb was one selfie away from firing themselves into a wall with a giant slingshot and exploding.

      Or something.

  • If you zoom in on the lady she looks like a zombie or somebody who got gassed with the Joker toxin.
    I’m hoping that’s just because of the distance.

  • I was at the Brisbane Masters pinball comp there and saw this horrific stand on my way in. The rising bile from such an offence was quite palpable!!! Why? Why? Why?

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