JB Hi-Fi Puts The Boot Into Anthem

JB Hi-Fi Puts The Boot Into Anthem
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Oh JB, I’ve missed your savagery.

We don’t love the yellow-ladened retailer for its floor space and cheap electronics. We love JB Hi-Fi because it is the home of something even more special: brutal burns that leave more lasting damage than any Mortal Kombat X-Ray.

In this case, there’s not much more that needs to be said. Poor Anthem, may it rest in peace.

Easily one of JB’s best burns, although their defence of Kojima is still my favourite.

The Best JB Hi-Fi Reviews

Regardless of what happens in the world of video games, we can always rely on one thing: some cracking reviews from the fine staffers at JB Hi-Fi.

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  • Fifteen bucks for a 6 month old title, ouch!
    I would make a joke about how they are giving it away but they’re doing that too lol.

    Some of the best JB reviews I’ve seen are:
    Best refund simulator 2016 for No Mans Sky, Pew Pew Pew Murica for Call of Duty and the the one for the Sims that said it was the only way people in Sydney could own a house.

    • Yes they are giving it away – last console I bought from JB Anthem was a download code on the receipt. I still felt ripped off that after a massive download it crashed so many times.

  • It wasn’t a bad game, most of the hate comes from the low iq sheep who follow trash like yong yea and angry joe

    • Wow. EA shill much? I’d rather them calling out a publisher’s shitty business practices than being a blind fanboy. But hey you do you n I’ll do me, right?

      • Settle down there, tiger. Different strokes for different folks. Yeah … it didn’t live up to the hype, but when something is THAT hyped, they rarely do.

        BTW, you may want to look up the word “shill” in a dictionary. It’s one of the most misused words by the gaming community.

        • an accomplice of a confidence trickster or swindler who poses as a genuine customer to entice or encourage others.

          I dunno, sounds like it’s being used pretty correctly.

      • I still find it funny though that morons like these still exist around anthem.

        They genuinely believe the game was perfectly fine and that its reputation is entirely the fault of an apparent false witchhunt against the game by some YouTubers and not because it was and still is a pile of shit.

        • I’m curious who yong yea and angry joe are now. They sound fun.

          To Kokiris, the game got the hate because it failed to deliver. I liked the potential I saw in the beta and open beta, I really did. The game mechanics were fine, they just made it too hard to get to the fun parts. Bad UI, no default social interaction, and terrible itemisation all got in the way of what should have been a home run, and thats just scratching the surface.

          Unlike other games that had poor launches, it hasnt fixed those well enough to encourage people to go back, which is something that should have happened by now. Even a basic UI overhaul, or a social zone would do something to encourage people. It wasnt like there werent numerous examples to work from in other games, and lessons to learn from them, either with looter shooters, or failed launches.

          I wanted to play it, but couldnt justify it because of the numerous flaws. And now, I cant be sure even $15 isnt a waste.

          • Angry joe is not as good as he used to be, but he is still a good game reviewer.

            Yong Yea is a great Gaming/ Industry news channel well worth watching.

          • They’re on Youtube. Yong Yea is basically “books on tape” for gaming press releases and Jason Scheier’s industry articles. Angry Joe is a game reviewer.

          • I watched a couple yongyea and laymengaming videos at one point, and thought they were inoffensive/informative enough… but I deeply regret it, because it ruined my youtube recommendations panel.

            Very quickly after, the tone of my recommendations list shifted dramatically and I was getting told I ‘might like to watch similar videos’ which consisted mostly of a shitload of white-background/red text thumbnails declaring, ‘get woke, go broke’ and obnoxious white dudes claiming to ‘own’ SJWs/leftists/feminists. Which is pretty much the opposite of my interests.

            The yongyea/laymen videos were harmless enough on their own, but they must be a staple of a pretty foul audience. ‘Lie with dogs, wake with fleas’ kinda deal. So yeah, I’d avoid unless you’re into that other shit.

          • I was half joking, I do know angry joe, but I avoid that style when I can. Probably why they dont appear on my list. There are a few that I see and avoid, knowing they are just feeding on the negative and helping nobody, so in general my lists stay pretty clean.

            And then, as you say, you watch one vid from someone new, and that all changes. I dont watch PewDiePie for example, but he’s there all the time because of something else. I would have watched PDP maybe half a dozen times a couple of years ago and decided he wasnt for me. Or watch one Katy Perry vid, and suddenly get Taylor Swift, One Direction, and Justin Bieber get recommended for the next 6 months.

            YouTube needs a blocking mechanism so you can avoid the content you dont want. And as I say that, while looking for an example a YongYea vid appears… It works in reverse as well though. Mate linked a music vid a year or so ago, and I watched it. Now I get some great recommendations because of it.

            Leo Moracchioli by the way, does some great metal covers of just about anything. I recommend his covers of Sultans of Swing, and Toto’s Africa forstarters.

    • Apartly agree. Its not a bad game… but not a great game.

      The character mechanics are solid and fun… the lack of content and features were tiresome. For an intended games as a service… they fell way short of delivering a long term 10 year product.

    • It starts out as an amazing game, full of promise… but that promise doesn’t go anywhere, with the endgame little more than a giant ‘under construction’ sign, and nothing in its place to leave you satisfied.

      To me, the way it doesn’t deliver on its promises (let alone potential), the way it doesn’t conclude satisfactorily, the way it leads you to a vast, open vista of… fucking nothing, directly impacts the quality of the game as a whole. What starts amazingly fails to finish amazingly. What has great bones to build upon… doesn’t.

      And that’s a ding against the game. There’s no youtube following required to reach that conclusion… just a few dozen hours with a game that doesn’t earn them.

  • For $15, I’m tempted to grab three copies of Anthem and give two copies away to willing friends, who might want to try it out.

    I just got a new PC so I’d rather play it on PC… but speaking of sales, I saw that Star Wars: Battlefront II (the 2017 one from EA Games and DICE) is just over $5 on EA’s Origin store… owch.

    • I recommend this. If your machine is beastly enough, you’ll overcome many of the negative factors that cause Anthem to score lower on consoles, and at that price, it’s better value than a movie ticket.

      Anthem’s failings are noticable in its bugs/loading screens/poor optimization, but the emptiness of the game only comes into stark relief when you reach the endgame, where all variety, power progression, and meaningful itemization just… stops.

      Write it off as a fun activity enjoyed casually over a few weeks until then, however, and I’d say you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

      • I think my PC should be able to handle Anthem fairly well. My specs are:

        -XFX Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB graphics card;
        -Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 RAM;
        -AMD Ryzen 5 3600 with Wraith Stealth processor;
        -Intel 660p Series M.2 NVMe SSD 512GB;
        -Seagate SATA 3TB HDD.

        I might have a look at how much it costs on Origin. I noticed Star Wars: Battlefront II, while a severely flawed game, is just over $5.

        • I must’ve acquired BF2 into my origin library through a freebie at some point, somehow, but I’m looking forward to the upcoming roadmap features which will introduce some co-op/solo stuff similar to the early battlefront games. $5 seems like a very sound investment for whenever that stuff eventually comes out.

  • Really wanted Anthem to succeed being a big fan of Bioware and even more so that ME: Andromeda wasn’t a hit it as should have been and was mainly due to them working on Anthem, it’s a double blow for the company and add in the major people who have since left Bioware, what the future holds.

  • I actually agree with you djbear EA and Bioware’s Anthem is a pile of shit despite EA saying that it’s our fault for their lack of games and even EA CEO Andrew Wilson well it is not our fault it’s EA’s problem so what I would say to Andrew Wilson djbear is fuck off Andrew Wilson you’re the CEO and your company EA are the ones to blame it’s not us that’s to blame it’s you EA so back the fuck off.
    As for you Andrew Wilson get a fucking life you’re the CEO if you don’t like us than back off!

  • I work at JB and this sparked an internal memo about reviewing games and leaving bad reviews.

    Let the witch hunt begin I guess

  • JB HiFi: “Video game sales are way down… we’re making a major loss.”
    JB HiFi Employee with a marker writing put-downs on games: “Can’t imagine why”

    I suppose some people find it funny, but I’m sure that the store owners that can’t shift stock because of snarky comments won’t find it that amusing.

    Not defending Anthem, just pondering the unprofessionalism of some JB HiFi stores. Don’t really see anything like that at any of the ones I go to in Sydney tho.

    • So long as there’s something else on the shelves with a good review, it shouldn’t make much difference. People relying on JB review scores to determine their purchasing decisions are probably just walking in thinking, “I have $X to spend on a game (probably for someone else), what should I get?” They’re unlikely to have walked in looking for Anthem specifically then walked out without buying anything at all, because Anthem specifically had a bad JB hifi review.

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