The Next Apex Legends Legend, Crypto, Finally Appears

Image: Reddit

Here's a pro tip for anyone running an insiders-only buyers conference. Confiscate everyone's phones beforehand, otherwise they will leak everything.

The Gamestop buyers conference was where the first shots of the Aladdin and Lion's King remaster appeared. Thanks to that same conference, we've now got an indication of what's coming up for Apex Legends.

Three images found their way out onto the Apex Legends subreddit, showing not only the image of the next legend for season three, but also an upcoming Halloween skin and the new rifle. Fans had already found references to a hero called Crypto by datamining Apex's audio files, with the Apex Vids YouTube account running through all the voice lines, executions, abilities, ultimate and ... well, basically everything.

Having an aerial drone in the final circle seems like an insane tactical advantage. Then again, if you can keep it alive, there's few instances where having UAV/recon won't be useful. The passive ability means it's probably better in teamplay than solos, only because you'll have more protection while using the drone.

But the buyers conference also got a peek into the next weapon for the game, which is supposedly a charge rifle. It's not known

Image: Reddit

The third season of Apex Legends is due to officially launch in early September. Apart from the new skins and legend, the next season should also have limited-time events running over the next few months. "These events may also include a town takeover or small map change, and potential extensions to Apex Legends lore," Respawn's director of product management, Lee Horn, said in an official blog.


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