Apex Legends Developers Listen To Kotaku Article, Add 'You're Welcome' Button

Screenshot: Apex Legends

Apex Legends now has a “you’re welcome” button. You’re welcome.

Every time a player says “Thank you” in Apex Legends using the ping system, I had always wanted to be able to say “you’re welcome.” I felt that way in February, and I feel like that now. That’s just what you say when people say thank you. We all know this, and I would like to be polite in my bloodsport.

Apex developer Respawn has listened to me and other fans, and has now added a “you’re welcome” button to the game. You press it, and you can say “you’re welcome. I couldn’t be happier.

I think it’s nice to be nice, so clearly, I am pleased. Unsure of what to do next with my powers, though. Think I can stop climate change by wanting to be nicer?


    Convenient timing, added as a way to deflect attention from the new micro transactions.

    Now add the ability to say "Thanks again" to people who say "You're Welcome", and so on and so forth.

    Let us not rest until the gratitude chain is so long and nonsensical that time and space cease to be.


    Can you do an article on how some people have never been able to connect now?

    Always liked the game, but have less than 10hrs playtime because I can never connect

    But....but....developers shouldn't listen to fans...?

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