Community Review: Wolfenstein Youngblood

So everyone's had a chance to play — or at least watch — what MachineGames and Arkane have done with the Wolfenstein franchise. But how have you found it so far?

The public reception has been pretty divergent. I spoke to a couple of friends just yesterday, one of whom was a little surprised at the broader reception to Youngblood. I don't know what their public social feeds are like, but I have an idea of what they were reading.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood: The Kotaku Review

I am generally suspicious of games that people say are “better with friends,” simply because most things are. Manual labour, paying taxes, repeatedly hitting your thumb with a hammer — these are all things that are “better with friends.” Humans are social creatures, and company can make both miserable and pleasant things a whole lot better. “Better with friends” is rarely a good selling point.

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I made a conscious decision to skip Youngblood purely for practical reasons — I knew the US would be covering the game, and Tegan is a massive Fire Emblem fan, so I'd get plenty of exposure to both those games. But catching up on a lot of gameplay over the last week, I'm not feeling that compelled to give Youngblood a go. The enemies are a lot squishier than what I want from a Wolfenstein game, and the structure sacrifices some of the deliberate, organised beats that I loved from The New Order.

But that's just an assessment from what I've read and the gameplay footage I've seen. I'm curious how you've all found the game from your own experiences. Is Youngblood worth it, better on sale, or should I give it a pass entirely?


    I played at a mates house for 20 minutes doing side missions and it pretty much sold me on the idea of stricter laws on drugs, I kid.

    Pretty much everything about this game is wrong and this is proof that play tests should be performed by people outside the dev team so impartial criticism can be given earlier in development.

    Nobody wanted this game.

    Me and a mate enjoyed the hell out of the first stage in the zeppelin. Then we hated everything else. Luckily he won the Deluxe Edition in a giveaway and I got to play using the Buddy Pass so it wasn't a major loss.

    Playing co-op when you're over 30 and married with kids seems pretty impossible.

    And I've heard it's single player implementation is horrendous.

    Kotaku review convinced me not to play it. If you can't solo without frustration/annoyance, I'm out, and it sounds from the review like you can't. It sounds like an interesting idea, but it's just not for me. I pretty much only co-op stuff with my partner now, and she's not into this, so... yeah.

      I feel like this is a lesson that should have been learned by the industry with RE5. That game had some levels that were nearly impossible if you had to rely on the AI partner and that was 10 years ago.

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