Cooking Mama Has Gone Vegetarian

Cooking Mama Has Gone Vegetarian

There’s a new Cooking Mama game coming to the Nintendo Switch via publishers Planet Digital Partners, pitched as a reboot for the series, and while the announcement was centred around some bizarre blockchain news, the most interesting part is that there’s now a new vegetarian mode to go alongside regular recipes that include meat.

“New to Cooking Mama will be a ‘Vegetarian Mode’ where players who do not wish to prepare meals with meat ingredients will be able to cook creative, alternate meatless recipes”, the release says. “Players will be able to cook in both ‘Traditional Mode’ and ‘Vegetarian Mode’ and blend motion gestures from the Nintendo Switch with traditional controls for an immersive meal prep and cooking experience through each minigame played.”

So if you want to cook with meaty recipes that’s cool, and if you don’t, then that is also cool.

As for the blockchain news, it’s about each copy of the game having “Unique Blockchain Private-Keys”, which the publishers are claiming will allow for stuff like improved DRM, rewards and “Enhanced Multiplayer Experience with Dual Expression”, which would mean “every copy of a game [would be] subtly different and personal to a user”.

Cooking Mama: Coming Home to Mama will be out in Spring.


  • I try to play my games vegan, some by just avoiding things like animal products, while some games like Minit have a vegan mode in their menu, or 2064 Read Only Memories actually asks your dietary preferences. Cooking Games have usually been a no go zone, so while this is unlikely to be a full vegan mode, it’s def some progress.

  • Very cool. I’m very much in love with the taste and texture of meat, but I’m pretty interested in giving the vegie mode a whirl! Mostly in the hope that it’ll offer up some tantalizing, mouth-watering meat alternatives. (Fingers crossed!)

    One of my main problems with non-meat diets (vegan diet especially) is that in order to meet dietary requirements for protein and minerals, a small number of vegies end up doing a LOT of heavy lifting. I stayed with vegan relatives overseas for a few weeks and the quinoa-heavy/’three bean’ variants got real old, real fast. (Also, meat replacements do NOT taste like meat and they do themselves a disservice for trying. Anyone who tries to tell you they taste ‘just like meat’ is either trying to convince themselves, or hasn’t tasted meat for so long that they’ve forgotten what it actually tastes like.)

    Cooking Mama might actually succeed where many cookbooks fail in getting some better variety in there, if only for the sake of doing what games do: changing things up to challenge gamers and keep them interested.

    • Really disagree. My Beyond Meat burger the other day had me completely double-taking whether Grill’d had sent me a beef burger by mistake. Honestly I ended up pulling it apart slowly and really eyeballing it. They’re making incredible strides with meat alternatives.

      Mind you, I still eat chicken and fish – as the substitutes are definitely not there yet imo.

      As to Cooking Mama… great move. Weirdly enough I can happily categorise killing people in games as “just gameplay”… but killing animals? Eating meat? Can’t do it.

      So no Kotaku, animals DON’T make the best villians!


  • So the “blockchain” thing seems to be about letting customers resell digital copies of the game, with their own “rocket token” cryptocurrency that you may have difficulty converting to real money (but may be able to buy more Planet Digital games with).

    I do wonder if this is just yet another Ethereum token initial coin offering scam as a way to raise capital without selling a stake in the company.

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